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Over 35,000 books and school supplies on its way to Mozambique

AIDGLOBAL sends its 5th container to Mozambique containing more than 35,000 books and school supplies to promote literacy and encourage reading. This action is integrated in the Passport for Reading program and aims to fill gaps in libraries and schools in the province of Gaza.

The arrival of this container will reinforce and expand the Chibuto District Schools Library Network and equip the Municipal Library of Xai-Xai with technical books, since it is the capital of the province with several university centers.

This action was only possible thanks to the sponsorship of Scope, Lda, which guaranteed the transport of the container, CTT, which provided the necessary packaging, and Junta de Freguesia de Moscavide e Portela which provided support in logistical matters such as storage.

AIDGLOBAL relied on the help of schools, students, teachers and other individuals, companies and institutions who donated all the materials in order to carry out this undertaking. It was also relied on the goodwill of volunteers who continue to believe in this project from the very beginning.

The entire community in the province of Gaza has now better access to books with a wider number of titles at its disposal. Part of this donation will also reach the school library in the City of Beira which was affected by the cyclone that hit the region in 2019. The offer of these volumes will be able to support the students attending the 10th, 11th and 12th grades in line with their curricular context.

The Passport for Reading program which was created in 2008 is AIDGLOBAL's largest intervention program in Mozambique in the context of combating illiteracy and encouraging reading. Through this program it creates, equips and supports municipal and school libraries in Gaza Province, promoting reading animation activities, training library technicians and teachers.