Movimento Formiga Juju

Formiga Juju is a movement founded in Mozambique in 2012 by the creative authors of the books. The aim is to awaken the imagination of children through reading and creative expression while also promoting access to books in Mozambique.

During the same year, AIDGLOBAL started to stimulate the civic movement of Formiga Juju in the Municipal and School Libraries in Portugal.

The books in the Mozambican ant adventure collection “A Formiga Juju” are created by Cristiana Pereira. The illustration is by Walter Zand and the design by Mia Temporário. The main character Formiga Juju arrived dressed in capulana, bringing the aromas of the African continent to contribute to Global Citizenship!

In 2020, AIDGLOBAL joins this family of literacy promoters again to support another chapter of this journey where Formiga Juju crosses the Rio dos Elefantes and tells us a story to love. This new adventure aims to raise awareness of nature conservation and preservation.

Through the narration of Formiga Juju children's stories, we develop educational activities that promote the values ​​of solidarity, diversity, creativity, unity, inclusion, participation, preservation of the environment and citizenship.


In 2010, AIDGLOBAL pioneered the creation of the concept of Bibliotchova within the scope of a project financed by UNESCO – a mobile library based on a characteristic Mozambican school and aimed at schools that have no physical space to accommodate a library.

In 2013, Tchova da Juju also arrived in Portugal.

Its construction was supported by Arrudabate - Centro de Abate de Viaturas e Vendas de Peças Usadas, Adelino Lopes dos Santos - carpentry, kitchen furniture and wardrobes, Marbilminios Unipessoal, Ocyan and by the Visual Education teacher Lúcia Pereira. If you are interested in receiving more information about this activity, please contact us at [email protected]


Awaken children's imagination through reading and creative expression;

Sensitize children to promote Global Citizenship.


AIDGLOBAL holds several dramatized reading sessions followed by playful pedagogical workshops inspired by history. At the end, participants can purchase copies of the books from the Mozambican ant adventure collection.




Development happens through Education.

We want to continue our projects for a more sustainable world, investing in Education.
Throughout its existence, AIDGLOBAL has established partnerships with various organizations, which recognize themselves in our mission. AIDGLOBAL thanks all public and private entities for the solidary support shown to our work, in the certainty that we will continue our path in favor of Change, for a fairer and more equitable world, through Education.

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