15 years of breaking the silence… CONGRATULATIONS, AIDGLOBAL!

15 years of breaking the silence… CONGRATULATIONS, AIDGLOBAL!

15 years of breaking the silence… CONGRATULATIONS, AIDGLOBAL!

Do you believe me if I tell you that it has been 15 years since I volunteered in an orphanage in Mozambique which was also the biggest reason why AIDGLOBAL started? Do you believe that after these years our organization has established the headquarters in Lisbon and also two delegations: one in the province of Gaza in the Chibuto district in Mozambique since 2009 and another one in Porto Santo in the Autonomous Region of Madeira since 2018? Do you believe that our team of 15 professionals from different nationalities is spread across our 3 offices? Do you believe that up until now we have already implemented 23 projects in Portugal and Mozambique? And if I also tell you that through our projects we have already touched the lives of 50,000 human beings, involving children, young people, migrants, teachers, municipal technicians, among others, in Portugal, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, do you believe it?


In AIDGLOBAL we have been carrying out multiple projects and initiatives within the scope of our mission: acting, developing and including through education, creating and implementing educational projects focused on promoting Global Citizenship education in Portugal, either independently or using strategic partners, and encouraging reading and reducing illiteracy levels in Mozambique.

And this is how throughout these 15 years we have been breaking the silence, by taking words, books, the ability to learn and dream to the most inhospitable and forgotten places in Mozambique, always encouraging that young people can be heard among those who decide their future. We have created spaces so that the difficulties experienced by those who emigrate looking for better living conditions are audible and we have not let those to be in silence who have been taken away from their homes, their freedom of expression, their loved ones and been forced to leave their countries…

We have heard the solidary echo and there are already 11 editions of the Fado singers’ tracks that make our Fado galas so sublime. We have also expressed criticism and wills in a humorous way as so many laughs have been shared with our comedian friends in the shows that take place annually at the S. Jorge cinema in Lisbon.

And throughout this time, many have added their voices to our voice, never forgetting the humanitarian echo of our volunteers, our interns, our professionals, our partners, our friends and, particularly, our financiers, for listening to our call and expressing their solidarity!

And it is for all this and for the ability to break silences that we are to be congratulated! We will continue to believe that it is through the path of education that we will foster the pleading plea of those who are silent, because the word has been cut off by poverty, injustice and the absence of books where people can learn new and expressive words, understand the world and dream higher.

And because we will sing until the voice donates us, AIDGLOBAL is preparing to offer you a meeting of voices that will touch you by the words that they will sing. Stay tuned, because wise words will be heard soon… and we will break the silence!

 Susana Damasceno

Founder and President of the Board, AIDGLOBAL