Kula Na Wu Djonza (Crescer a Ler)

Kula Na Wu Djonza (Crescer a Ler)

Kula Na Wu Djonza (Crescer a Ler)

In “Kula Na Wu Djonza – Crescer a Ler” (Kula Na Wu Djonza – Growing Up Reading), we promote reading to young pregnant women and mothers through the narration of Mozambican stories, both in Portuguese and in Changana language, while they wait for prenatal and routine consultations at the Rural Hospital of Chibuto.

Since the year 2017, in the first edition, this initiative is held twice a week in the SAJJ – Serviço Amigo de Adolescentes e Jovens (Adolescent and Youth Friendly Service) Office, in the Chibuto Health Center. Under the project, each mother is given a book when her child is born, to be taken home and used for the development of the child’s capacities and the promotion of language skills in Portuguese and Changana, the languages of schooling.

  • Location of the action
    Mozambique, Gaza Province, Chibuto district
  • Beneficiaries
  • Area of action
    Development Cooperation
  • Themes
    Reading, Maternity, Health Education


The project has been in permanent operation since April 2017.


To stimulate in future mothers a taste for reading, to make them aware of the importance of stimulating reading in their children.

Facilitate access to books and foster the taste for reading, from an early age.


The vast majority of the population in Mozambique has no access to books, another part has no interest outside the school environment, and only a small part of the people have the interest and resources to make reading a daily habit. Early pregnancy is another reality in the district of Chibuto. Each month there are on average 180 deliveries of teenage girls. Some young girls, after becoming pregnant, give up on attending school. With this project we will be promoting the training of these young women, through non-formal education methodologies, contributing to their development.


  • Reading of children’s books and Mozambican short stories to: young people awaiting planning consultation
    teenage pregnant women waiting for a prenatal consultation;
    new moms waiting for routine consultations and vaccinations for their children.
  • Distribution of information leaflets about neonatal care;
  • Offer of a book for babies 9 months and older;
  • Offer of a book for initiation to reading at the birth of the baby;;
  • (Foreseen 2020) Creation of a mobile library, in the form of a Reading Bag.



Development happens through Education.

We want to continue our projects for a more sustainable world, betting on Education.



Hospital Distrital do Chibuto


Own Funds:

Throughout the years AIDGLOBAL has established partnerships with several organizations who connect with our mission. AIDGLOBAL thanks all public and private entities for the support shown in our work, in the certainty that we will continue our path towards creating change for a more just and equitable world through education.