AIDGLOBAL is one of the winning Entities of the VINCI Programme for Citizenship

AIDGLOBAL is one of the winning Entities of the VINCI Programme for Citizenship

AIDGLOBAL is one of the winning Entities of the VINCI Programme for Citizenship

Within the scope of the 3rd Edition of the VINCI Programme for Citizenship, and under the motto “The future of others is our present!”, the most recent project of AIDGLOBAL – Community School for Employability and Volunteering – was awarded 18 000 Euros, delivered during the Ceremony of the attribution of donations to the winning initiatives.

To be implemented already in the beginning of next July, in the Região Autónoma da Madeira (Autonomous Region of Madeira), namely in Porto Santo Island, this new project, promoted in partnership with Porto Santo Parish Council, intends to develop programmatic content for the development of social, personal and technical skills, in order to empower unemployed and socially vulnerable people, preparing them for the labour market. Training volunteers, selected among ANA Airports employees in Porto Santo, to deliver these training courses, ensuring their support and follow-up to the training group benefiting from this initiative, are two of the project’s main goals.

The financial donation granted to the Organization will contribute to the success of this project, with a duration of 18 months, which aims to stimulate employability and volunteering, counteracting situations experienced by the population of the island, such as double insularity, long-term unemployment and precarious work due to seasonality.

Held on June 20, the Ceremony, which took place in the auditorium of ANA Airports, was attended by the 14 winning organizations, each sponsored by employees of the VINCI Group in Portugal.

AIDGLOBAL had the honor to celebrate and thank the Godmother and Ambassador of the project, Mrs. Isabel Maria Costa Velosa, responsible for the Porto Santo Airport, who will monitor the development of activities and will be the bridge with the other employees of VINCI, inviting them to participate as volunteers in training, coaching sessions and job shading. It will also be the face of the project in liaising with the community, which will also be invited to participate.

For Susana Damasceno, Founder and President of the Board of Directors of AIDGLOBAL, “participating in the VINCI Programme for Citizenship and witnessing AIDGLOBAL being one of the winning entities of this important initiative makes the whole team proud and grateful, because it reflects the recognition for the work that the Organisation has been able to accomplish in the beautiful island of Porto Santo, now financially strengthened under the social responsibility of the Program”. She also highlighted that “volunteering will allow the sustainability of the project, because it empowers the employees of ANA Aeroportos|VINCI, being the practice of volunteering one of the most noble exercises in promoting citizenship”.

 The VINCI Programme for Citizenship returned with its new edition to support innovative projects, promoted by third sector entities, within one of the four areas of intervention of the Programme: access to employment, solidarity mobility, insertion through housing and social intervention in priority neighbourhoods.