AIDGLOBAL in Mozambique in times of COVID-19

AIDGLOBAL in Mozambique in times of COVID-19

AIDGLOBAL in Mozambique in times of COVID-19

The arrival of COVID-19 forced the AIDGLOBAL team to rethink and adapt ways of working, living and acting.

Just like all over the world, AIDGLOBAL has not been able to continue to carry out its activities in Mozambique with the usual normality having resorted to alternative strategies, always in partnership with the local authorities (District Services) so that the projects do not stop completely, always respecting the safety rules established by the Mozambican Government.

The initiatives foreseen in the Passport for Reading program, which include Reading Animations, “Kula na Wu Djondza – Crescer a Ler” and the monitoring of the Chibuto District School Libraries Network are momentarily stopped since they involve concentration of people in the same space. The inaugurations of the community schools foreseen in the “Educators in Motion” project was also postponed and there is still no date for their realization.

Taking advantage of this pausing moment, AIDGLOBAL has prepared a series of workshops to work more directly with “Educators in Motion” and with the Community Management Councils of the project and prepare the dynamics that will be implemented with the children as soon as possible.

In order to carry out all these actions safely, the AIDGLOBAL team in Mozambique always provides soap and water for all the team members and also sewed several washable masks of cotton fabric and capulana.

These activities have only been possible thanks to the exceptional support of the project’s main financier – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The “Passport for Reading” program created in 2008 is AIDGLOBAL’s largest intervention program in Mozambique in the context of combating illiteracy and encouraging reading. It creates, equips and supports municipal and school libraries in the Province of Gaza, promoting activities of animation of reading and the training of technicians, teachers and librarians. The “Educators in Motion – Itinerant Education for Early Childhood” project aims to create links between primary schools and the Itinerant Childhood Education services of each community. “Educators in Motion” carry an itinerant library and develop educational activities outdoors, based on learning by nature and the involvement of communities.