AIDGLOBAL launches a hymn “Para quem depois vier” (“For those who come later”)

AIDGLOBAL launches a hymn “Para quem depois vier” (“For those who come later”)

AIDGLOBAL launches a hymn “Para quem depois vier” (“For those who come later”)

We are to be congratulated as we achieved a great dream. We launched our hymn “Para quem depois vier” (“For those who come later”), which was written and composed by the singer and author Sebastião Antunes, which was joined by national and mozambican artists. 

We couldn’t be happier! “Para quem depois vier” (“For those who come later”) is launched at the time of AIDGLOBAL’s 15th anniversary celebration and symbolizes well our work. It represents 15 years of telling stories with happy endings, investing day after day in quality education through the implementation of our projects in Portugal and Mozambique.

To make this dream come true, we invited Ana Laíns, Carla Pires, Carlos Moisés, Célia Leiria, Cherry, Duarte, Joana Amendoeira, Paulo de Carvalho, Rodrigo Costa Félix, Rogério Charraz, Sebastião Antunes & Quadrilha, Silvana Peres e Marta Pereira da Costa, on the Portuguese guitar, and the Mozambicans Selma Uamusse e Stewart Sukuma to highlight the importance of Education, focusing on the areas of Literacy and Active Citizenship, the pillars of the AIDGLOBAL mission, because we believe that Change happens through Education.

Hymn`s music video was released by Sebastião Antunes’ official YouTube channel and is available on social networks, on AIDGLOBAL’s website and on streaming platforms. Each viewing comes with a value that reverts in favor of AIDGLOBAL for the realization of our projects in Portugal and Mozambique, such as the expansion of the School Library Network of the District of Chibuto, the creation and implementation of Early Childhood Schools in rural contexts in Gaza Province, the development of teaching resources for teachers, the training of teachers in the area of ​​education and active citizenship, and the sensitization and mobilization of young people to vote.

The video clip of the hymn “For those who later come” is directed by Miguel Marques from MuseMotion. It was recorded in three places – the mainland Portugal, the Autonomous Region of Madeira (on Porto Santo Island, where we opened a delegation in 2018) and in Mozambique – Maputo and Chibuto districts where our delegation has been located since 2009.

The path has more meaning when done together so here is a word of gratitude for everyone involved in this initiative: Sebastião Antunes, the author and composer of our hymn, the Solidary Artists, Adega Cooperativa de Borba, ARSDesign, Biblioteca Fábrica das Palavras, Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de XiraEscola Básica Soeiro Pereira Gomes and Professor Regina Giré, Fonte Viva – Jet Cooler Águas e Cafés, S.A.Grupo João Portugal RamosGrupo Totalmédia, Helena Nabeiro, João Nabais & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados R.L.MuseMotion- CreativestorytellingNegócios – Artes Gráficas, Lda., Paulo Chinai, Pedro Menezes, Simple Fruit, Lda. and START.SOCIAL.

However, the acknowledgments are only complete with a special word to the teams of AIDGLOBAL – that of Lisbon, that of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and that of Chibuto, in Mozambique. It is with these great professionals that we dare to continue to dream…”Para quem depois vier” (“For those who come later”)!

View the videoclip here.