AIDGLOBAL takes part in the Project Dialogue Café

AIDGLOBAL takes part in the Project Dialogue Café

AIDGLOBAL takes part in the Project Dialogue Café

The Project is promoted by the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (City Hall) and called Dialogue Café. It is managed by the Dialogue Café Association (DCA), which is a nonprofit organization which on the 27th May opened its first two cafés, one in Lisbon in the MUDE (Fashion and Design Museum) and the other one in Rio de Janeiro, in the Universidade Cândido Mendes. 

 The MUDE is propitious for an exchange of experiences and thoughts, it is a place where there are the equipments for a high quality video conference, and where the presentations and the conversations are on various topics, from arts to technology.

AIDGLOBAL has been invited to participate in this innovative project, and it had the opportunity to use the videoconference equipments to realize a presentation on its mission, values and projects and to create simultaneously a contact with Acção da Cidadania.

ActionAid is a Brazilian NGO with its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. It develops project in cooperation with local groups and organizations, in the heart of poor communities of more than 40 countries. ActionAid tries to build alternatives to overcome difficulties and to guarantee the access of these people to basic rights such as food, health, housing, education, equality between men and women, races and ethnic groups.

This event will take place on the 4th August at 5.30 pm, in the Dialogue Café in the MUDE.

The place where the event takes place, offers the opportunity to take in around 20 people and if they wish, they can participate in the ongoing conversation.

We invite all those who are interested in the topic of Sustainable Human Development join us to talk about it.