Students from the Porto Santo B+S School were speakers at a Seminar in Lisbon

Students from the Porto Santo B+S School were speakers at a Seminar in Lisbon

Students from the Porto Santo B+S School were speakers at a Seminar in Lisbon

Final meeting of the Citizenship Education Project.

AIDGLOBAL and Escola Básica e Secundária Professor Dr Francisco Freitas Branco, Porto Santo, were represented at the Meeting “Inside and Outside the Box – NGO and Schools together in Education for Citizenship”, which took place on July 22, 2022, at Gulbenkian, in Lisbon (complete program, here).

About 340 people were present, with the objective of knowing the experiences resulting from the Citizenship Education Project, which involved three territories, schools and Non-Governmental Organizations: Porto Santo (AIDGLOBAL and Escola B+S do Porto Santo), Gondifelos (Associação YUPI e Agrupamento de Escolas de Gondifelos) and Amadora (Fundação Fé e Cooperação e Agrupamento de Escolas da Damaia).

An entourage of 8 people from Porto Santo, including 4 students, shared the learnings from the action plan “From School to the World – Acting, Including, Transforming” that, since September 2019, directly involved at least 150 students, 25 teachers, 14 operational and technical assistants and 65 parents.

Nicole Freitas (8th-grade student) and Catarina Pereira (10th-grade student) shared some activities they were involved in: participatory class and school assemblies, creation of the student association and volunteering actions.

“In the case of the student association, we realized that students could have more voice, streamline activities and propose projects.” (Catarina Pereira)

“[volunteering] was a new experience, an incredible feeling, because I felt like I was making a difference, that I could brighten someone’s day with a little something. (…) and I could create something to give voice to the young people of my school. I highly recommend it.” (Nicole Silva)

The presence of animals at school, as part of the playground occupation, also motivated the attribution of the Seal. The interaction between the students and the farm animals, besides promoting education for animal welfare, promotes the socialization and inclusion of the students.

The only young women present at the meeting were praised several times for their witness of perseverance and citizenship.

Based on the practices developed over three academic years and the instrument for assessing citizenship competencies, this project produced more than 31 recommendations for a more authentic and reflected citizenship education, which will soon be made available.

The event’s opening was in charge of the Minister of Education, the Director of the Gulbenkian Citizens Activities Programme and a representative of the Norwegian Embassy. The Regional Secretary of Education, Science and Technology Chief of Staff was one of the speakers at the closing session.

The Regional Youth Directorate of Madeira supported the trip of the young students under the More Mobility Program.

The project ”Educação para a Cidadania” is an initiative of the Active Citizen Fund, financed by EEA Grants and promoted by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in consortium with the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. The Gonçalo da Silveira Foundation (FGS) and the Research Center for Human Development of the Portuguese Catholic University – Porto Regional Center (CEDH-UCP) implement the project.