Students celebrate Humanity

Students celebrate Humanity

Students celebrate Humanity

In the context of deconstructing stereotypes about immigrants and opening up to diversity, the 9th C students of Elementary and High School in Porto Santo promoted activities on the theme of “Interculturality” within the scope of the “Da Escola para o Mundo – Agir, Incluir, Transformar” (From School to the World – Act, Include, Transform) Action Plan, in the academic year 2020/2021. The theme was articulated with the subjects of Geography, Physical Education, Mathematics, Moral and Religious Education, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and History.

One of the initiatives carried out was a lecture, addressed to all 9th ​​grade groups, given by Francisco Duarte, from the Folklore Group of Porto Santo, with the theme “Importância das Tradições do Porto Santo” (Importance of Traditions in Porto Santo), which constituted a moment of valorization of cultural knowledge.

The Project Work on “Interculturality” contributed not only to the development of citizenship skills but also to the development of digital skills. In conjunction with the subject of ICT, the students created an application in related augmented reality, and some young people introduced it to the students of the Senior University (Learn about the works “Cultures”, “Geology of Porto Santo” and “Porto Santo Reserve the Biosphere”, installing the Metaverse application).

Also, in Mathematics and, in synergy with the “Diversidade Cultural na nossa Escola” (Cultural Diversity in our School) project, the young people worked on statistical data on the cultural origins of the school’s students, creating an exhibition, with a view to raising awareness of the interculturality present in the educational community.

As part of the contest “Madeira Curtas – Celebrate Humanity” (Madeira Curtas – , promoted by the Regional Education Department of Madeira, the students made the following videos: “Vamos celebrar a humanidade mostrando os diferentes povos do mundo” (Let’s celebrate humanity by showing the different peoples of the world) and “Entrevistas sobre interculturalidade“ (Intercultural interviews), “Respeitar as diferenças culturais uns dos outros, pois a nossa casa é o mundo” (Respecting each other’s cultural differences, because our home is the world) being one of the underlying slogans.

As part of the Action Plan, promoted by AIDGLOBAL, in partnership with Elementary and High School of Porto Santo, there was also an intercultural meeting between 9th C students and 1st year students of the Technical Cooking and Pastry Course at the Madeira Professional School of Hotel and Tourism (Porto Santo hub). The young people, gathered via Zoom, shared important aspects about their countries and cultures and talked about their preferences and dreams for the world.

Within the scope of Education for Citizenship, other activities were carried out, such as the workshop “O Papel da Segurança Social em Tempos de Pandemia” (The Role of Social Security in Times of Pandemic).

The Action Plan “From School to the World – Act, Include, Transform” is promoted by AIDGLOBAL, in partnership with Escola B+S do Porto Santo. It is part of the Citizens Ativ@s Program (EEA Grants), managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Bissaya Barreto Foundation, through the Education for Citizenship project, implemented by the Gonçalo da Silveira Foundation and the Catholic University’s Research Center for Human Development Portuguese.