The Innovative Librarytchova

AIDGLOBAL won a contest launched by UNESCO as part of CapEFA – “Capacity Development in the context of Education for All in Mozambique”.

In 2010, AIDGLOBAL pioneered the creation of the Bibliotchova concept and model. This is a mobile library, based on a tchova characteristic of Mozambique, and aimed at schools that do not have physical space to host a library, in the Literacy and Adult Education program in ten districts of Mozambique:

– Nampula Province: Mossuril, Ribaué, Monapo and Mozambique Island;
– Sofala Province: Nhamatanda, Caia and Gorongoza;
– Inhambane Province: Funhalouro, Mabote and Pande.

In 2013, the bibliotchova chova also arrived in Portugal, within the Formiga Juju Movement, under the name Tchova da Juju.


Promote environments conducive to literacy.


In each selected province, the following activities were carried out:

– Listing of libraries and bibliographic references for newly literate adults;

– Identification of reading resources with content suitable for newly literate adults, in Portuguese or relevant local language;

– Institution of 15 mobile libraries and 5 fixed libraries, with books and other reading materials;

– Definition of guidelines on:
Traveling libraries, their management and maintenance;
Creation of reading promotion activities around the libraries;
Creation of activities to mobilize bibliographic resources.

– Provincial training on:
Traveling libraries, their management and maintenance;
Reading promotion activities in libraries and mobilization of bibliographic resources.