Campaign “Let’s Go, Get Off the Sofa”

Campaign “Let’s Go, Get Off the Sofa”

Campaign “Let’s Go, Get Off the Sofa”

Campaign Results – Presidential Elections 2021.

Within the scope of the project “Youth in Politics – Participating for Global Citizenship (2nd Edition)” AIDGLOBAL promoted, during the month of January, the Campaign “Let’s Go, Get Off the Sofa!”, under the slogan “The Presidential vote is a global vote”, aimed at young people aged 15-24 and young adults aged 25-34.

The initiative consisted of appealing to the youth vote for the 2021 presidential elections, which took place on January 24, and which significantly contributed to the relevance of the role of young people in the country’s political decision-making, with an active and demanding voice, to a conscious vote. The digital campaign became a significant opportunity for young people to be more informed about elections in times of pandemic and also to awaken them to the importance of valuing the democratic practice of voting and the social relevance that the act has for global citizenship, for the defense and protection of Human Rights and for the fulfillment and responsibility in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Since the presidential vote is a global vote”, this Campaign also contributed so that young people could take a stand in relation to the candidates and consciously vote for a president who represents them and fights for their dreams, rights and goals for the future.

About the results: of the 10 864 327 voters, only 4 262 672 voted. Abstention was the highest ever in Portugal, as 60.51% of those registered did not go to the polls.

The Campaign was promoted on the Social Networks of AIDGLOBAL and Partners and disseminated with the support of APSMedia (an advertising company that broadcast this Campaign, through Digital Billboards, in 220 spaces nationwide, namely in Shopping Centers with Hypermarkets), of MOP (company that leads the outdoor sector “Out Of Home” in Portugal, with Digital Billboards distributed over several stations of the Metropolitano de Lisboa) and of RÁDIO NOVA in the city of Porto.

AIDGLOBAL’s social networks alone reached 74,847 people.

The project “Youth in Politics – Participating for Global Citizenship (2nd Edition)” is promoted by AIDGLOBAL, co-financed by Camões – Institute of Cooperation and Language, I.P. and its partners are the National Youth Council (CNJ), National Federation of Youth Associations (FNAJ), Dypall Network, Center for International Studies – Lisbon University Institute, Portuguese Sports and Youth Institute (IPDJ), Lisbon Youth Center (CJL), and the Municipality of Santarém.

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