Release of the national and European results of the BET! Beyond Covid-19

Release of the national and European results of the BET! Beyond Covid-19

Release of the national and European results of the BET! Beyond Covid-19

The Study of the analysis of needs for educational innovation and the development of digital skills in school curricula in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 era was published in December 2021 in the context of the European project “Beyond COVID-19: The new era of teaching. Digital learning for social inclusion”. This research aimed to assess the digital skills gaps that emerged during the 2020 confinements and to identify common needs of teachers and schools.

In the Study the following aspects were analyzed: the impact of COVID-19 on the education system, DigiCompEdu, digital education approaches and practices in curricula at European level, training needs of teachers and educators, relationships between digital technologies and teaching, development of effective digital learning environments for vulnerable students, examples and good practices of digital tools and materials and innovative pedagogies for the digital context, and national/European policies in the area.

In a first step, a questionnaire – BET! Online Survey – was conducted in order to determine the digital gaps and practices in each of the project countries. In Portugal, the questionnaire was completed by 101 individual educators.

Subsequently, between September and October 2021, in-depth interviews were conducted in order to identify the best learning strategies and the most suitable digital tools to respond to the training needs of students in situations of vulnerability (social, economic, emotional, …). Besides sharing the experiences and perceptions of teachers and stakeholders, best practices and ways to influence policies at local and national level were explored. Their opinions reflect personal views and not the position of the respective institutions.

As part of the research, a national report was produced, which concluded that 90% of teachers intend to continue investing in more digital teaching, introducing new pedagogical methodologies that motivate students.

The results of the Diagnostic Study are already available and accessible through the national and european reports, which contain the results of the four countries that integrate the project consortium – Portugal, Italy, Greece and Romania.

The research highlighted the importance of using digital technologies to increase inclusion, personalisation and active engagement of learners, and to do this it is necessary to equip teachers with inclusion skills, targeting learners with vulnerabilities.

“Beyond COVID-19: The new era of teaching. Digital learning for social inclusion” is a European project funded by Erasmus +, being promoted by Oxfam Itália, in partnership with AIDGLOBALActionaidAgenda 21 and Lama. It runs from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023, in Portugal, Italy, Romania and Cyprus.

Learn more about the project, here.

AIDGLOBAL – Acção e Integração para o Desenvolvimento Global (AIDGLOBAL – Action and Integration for Global Development) – ​​is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO), which develops and promotes several projects in the field of Education for Development and Active Citizenship, in Portugal, including in Portugal. Autonomous Region of Madeira, where it has a delegation in Porto Santo and, also, in the field of Literacy, in Mozambique, in the Province of Gaza. Its Mission aims to Act, Include and Develop through Education, because it believes that Change happens through Education.