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Conference brings together young people from the Socialist Youth of Covilhã to discuss Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

The event "Eu, tu, nós — Educar para Agir pelo Mundo", promoted by Reuben de Matos, president of the Socialist Youth (JS) of Covilhã, took place on October 29, at the Municipal Library of Covilhã.

The initiative was the result of the volunteering experience, provided by aidglobal, of the young Reuben de Matos in Chibuto, Mozambique, in August 2022, and was attended by approximately 10 young people from JS Covilhã and four guests: Maria Pacheco, Technician of the Youth in Politics project - Participate for Global Citizenship (2nd Ed.), Hélio Fazendeiro, Chief of Staff of the Mayor of Covilhã and Mayor of the Socialist Party of Covilhã, Rosa Carreira, co-founder of CooLabora, social intervention cooperative that works with youth and Ana Fernandes, President of JS of Marco de Canaveses.

The conference aimed to share perceptions and raise awareness among the young people of JS Covilhã on the themes of Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development, at local and global levels. Each speaker shared his/her ideas and respective projects, at community and local level, in the segment of youth participation in favor of Human Rights.

Through the methodology of Non-Formal Education, Maria Pacheco, Project Technician at AIDGLOBAL, was invited to stimulate activities to foster the debate around the demystification of the concept of Development Education, promoting reflection and debate on the levels of youth political participation in Covilhã, and youth decision-making in Portuguese politics.

The session was marked by the exchange of experiences and shares and the certainty that young people in Covilhã are increasingly working for Sustainable Development and social transformation.

The Meeting was held in the context of the project "Youth in Politics — Participate for Global Citizenship (2nd) Ed.", which has been developed in Portugal since 2020 and will end in November of this year, whose funder is Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, i.p., and whose target audience is Party Youth, young people interested in politics, young people from the associative fabric and Youth Techniques. This project has as partners the National Youth Council (Cnj)National Federation of Youth Associations (FNAJ) , Dypall NetworkCenter for International Studies – Lisbon University InstitutePortuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ)Lisbon Youth Center (CJL), and the  Municipality of Santarém and has the support of Mypolis.