Since the foundation of AIDGLOBAL we have been collecting data to monitor our interventions to question the efficiency and effectiveness in order to improve our work. We are committed to measuring our results and reporting them to stakeholders as we consider transparency to be central to our success. This includes developing rigorous methods for determining results and impact through the regular collection of data against key indicators in the communities where we operate.


2,700 hours of training and awareness raising actions in education for development and global citizenship.
8,300 students, children and youth informed about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), human rights and other global citizenship themes.
1,000 educational professionals, municipal technicians and other specialists trained to promote the Global Citizenship themes in their professional context.
16 publications made available – 9 pedagogical resources elaborated, 4 scientific papers published and 3 positioning documents published at European level.


50,000 books donated.
30 equipped libraries – 3 municipalities (Chibuto, Xai-Xai and Chokwe) and 27 schools (11 bibliotchovas, 10 reading cases and 6 in buildings).
700 teachers, alongside technicians, trained in library activities.
29,000 students with access to books in school libraries and beneficiaries from 165 reading animation sessions held in schools.
Our projects only become reality due to the support of national and international organizations that also believe in education as a tool for change.

Our history


Founding AIDGLOBAL on November 4.


1st funded project “Dynamization of the Social Network of Vale de Alcântara and Training of the 3rd Sector”.


“Educate to Cooperate” project kicks off at Casa Pia in Lisbon.


The project “Today the Children, Tomorrow the World” begins, co-financed by Instituto Camões.

AIDGLOBAL starts as a training entity at INDIE – Inclusion and Diversity in Education.

Shipping of the 1st Solidarity Container to Mozambique.


Starts the 1st edition of the “Educate to Cooperate” project in Loures.

Inauguration of the Mozambican delegation and official recognition by the Mozambican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

11 volunteers leave for Mozambique under the “Nyumba-Kaya is the World” project.


Beginning of the project “MOVA – Organized Movement for Volunteering and Associations” and the foundation of MUDAJTI – United Members of the Youth Association All for Equality.

Beginning of the “Women of Chimundo United for Work and Health” project, financed by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.


Birth of the Chibuto District School Library Network.

2nd edition of the “Educate to Cooperate – Loures” project dedicated to the Millennium Development Goals.


Participation in “Youth in Action Program” based on Non-Formal Education.

1st edition of Reading Animation to promote literacy in the Chibuto district.


Start of the European project “Facilitating Global Learning/Awakening to Global Education”.

3rd edition of the “Educate to Cooperate” project in Loures.


2nd edition of Reading Animation with students from schools in the Chibuto District School Library Network.

Sending the Solidarity Container to the Chokwé Municipal Library (Mozambique).


New edition of the project “Educate to Cooperate – the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras and Global Citizenship”. Production of the pedagogical resource “Soldier’s Backpack – from War to Peace”.

We promote “Mathematics and Global Citizenship” training that involved more than 100 Mozambican teachers and 10 schools.


Starts “Youth in Politics – Participating for Global Citizenship” to promote youth voting.

Partnership with Monte under the “Education for Glocal Issues” project to promote Global Citizenship in public libraries.

3rd edition of “Reading Animation” with 3,000 students from schools in the Chibuto District School Library Network.


Start of the European project “Urbagri4Women” in the area of social inclusion to train migrant women for their social integration.

GVETS begins – an online training platform using gamification to work with migrant and refugee children.

4th edition of “Reading Animation” with the support of Associação Ser Mais Valia.


Start of the European “Walk the Global Walk” project with 11 partner countries.

New edition of “Educate to Cooperate – Porto Santo and Madeira”.

We join the international team of “Connecting Worlds” to carry out the 16th edition of this project.

AIDGLOBAL is a trainer on topics such as migration and education for development in the “Amitie Code” and “Networks for Development” projects.


“From School to the World – Act, Include, Transform” starts in Porto Santo.

“Educators in Motion – for Itinerant Early Childhood Education” project begins in Mozambique.


Launching of the AIDGLOBAL Hymn “Para quem depois vier”.

Start of the project “Porto Santo Without Marine Waste“ which wants to protect marine life.

Start of the 2nd Edition of the project “Youth in Politics – Participate for Global Citizenship” dedicated to Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals.

Sending the 5th Container with more than 35 thousand books and school material to Mozambique.


Beginning of the European project “Near – NEwly ARrived in a common home”, which aims to foster the process of inclusion of recently arrived migrants.

Start of the European project “Beyond COVID-19”, which aims to provide an answer to the challenges of a digital society.

The project “PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata” was born, which aims to reduce the carbon intensity of the activities and services of Parque Adão Barata (PAB), in Loures.