A AIDGLOBAL is an NGDO recognized for the work developed in Portugal and Mozambique. The awards and distinctions are testimonies of what we do and are shared by people who every day contribute to Change through Education and Active Citizenship. These awards and distinctions fill us with pride, although our real prize is received every day in the field.


Femina Award 2018 – Humanitarian Acts for the dignity and rights of the Human Being.

Tribute by the Authorship of the Noble Act 2005 – In representation of altruism, detachment and character values attributed by the Nobre Casa de Cidadania (Noble House of Citizenship)nto e Carácter atribuída pela Nobre Casa da Cidadania.


Map of Good Practices for Reception and Integration of Immigrants in Portugal“ 2007 – Promoted by the International Organization for Migration, the High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue and the Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (Luso-American Development Foundation).

“Capacity Development in the Education Context for All in Mozambique” 2011 – Competition promoted by UNESCO under the CapEFA programme.