Despertar para a Educação Global

The project "Despertar para a Educação Global" (Awakening for Global Education) trained technicians and volunteers from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Germany, Portugal and Romania interested in developing Global Citizenship Education (GCE) projects. It promoted debates around GCE and published a Study and a Handbook on the subject.


To contribute to an improvement in the quality of Global Education in non-formal education by strengthening skills, knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of Global Education;

Contribute to an increase in the number of Global Education multipliers in Europe;

Contribute to the active involvement of European citizens as advocates for a more just and sustainable global society.


In light of the many existential challenges and opportunities facing today, more and more people are motivated and actively engaged in transformative processes dedicated to building a fair, sustainable and peaceful world. Transformative education has long sought ways to address the complexity of global issues and global change in ways that enable people to critically reflect, dialogue with each other, and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.

In order to recognize and assume their responsibilities as members of a global society and to be encouraged to actively participate in shaping their environments, people need learning opportunities that embrace the competencies required of an informed and critically thinking global citizen.


  • Seminar “Ser Cidadão Global num Mundo em Mudança” (Being a Global Citizen in a Changing World);
  • Training “Global What — Formação em Educação para a Cidadania Global” (Global What - Training in Education for Global Citizenship);
  • Follow-up of GCE projects, led by technicians and volunteers from CSOs;
  • Roundtable on GCE;
  • Publication of the Manual "Global How? Despertar para a Educação Global - Manual do Formador" (Global How? Awakening for Global Education - Trainer's Manual);
  • Dinner-debate on “Como envolver a juventude nas causas da Cidadania Global?” (How to involve youth in Global Citizenship causes?).
The document “Global What? – Estudo sobre factos e necessidades de Educação para a Cidadania Global na Alemanha, Portugal e Roménia” (Global What? - Study on facts and needs of Global Citizenship Education in Germany, Portugal and Romania) allowed us to identify the training needs in Global Citizenship Education of Civil Society Organizations in Germany, Portugal and Romania.
This seminar included some reflections and debates about social inequalities in the world, globalization and its interconnections, new development paradigms, and the role of Global Citizenship Education in social change.
Manual "Global How? Despertar para a Educação Global - Manual do Formador" (Global How? Awakening for Global Education - Trainer's Manual) aims to support trainers in the training of multiplying agents of Global Citizenship Education actions.






Development happens through Education.

We want to continue our projects for a more sustainable world, investing in Education.
Throughout its existence, AIDGLOBAL has established partnerships with various organizations, which recognize themselves in our mission. AIDGLOBAL thanks all public and private entities for the solidary support shown to our work, in the certainty that we will continue our path in favor of Change, for a fairer and more equitable world, through Education.