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With the project "Educadores em Movimento - Uma Educação Itinerante para a Primeira Infância" (Educators in Motion - An Itinerant Education for Early Childhood) it is intended that Itinerant Education for Early Childhood (EII) services are managed by and integrated in 5 communities, in a sustainable way, and that the communities themselves have the necessary skills for the integral development of the preschool child.

The Itinerant Education for Early Childhood (EII) services are aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 6 - and it is expected that these children will develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially and that they will increase their command of the Portuguese language. They will also work on hygiene, health, and nutrition habits, among others. It is also expected that cases of children with Special Educational Needs will be identified and referred.

  • Location of the action
    Mozambique, Gaza Province, Chibuto District
  • Beneficiaries
  • Area of Action
    Development Cooperation
  • Themes
    Early Childhood, Itinerant Education, Bilingualism

The Itinerant Education for Early Childhood (EII) services are based on a community management model. These activities are developed in each of the five communities by Educators in Movement (2/community), young mothers from the communities, previously trained, with the support of the Community Educators.

To carry out these activities, the Educators in Motion will have a bibliotchova (librarychova) with pedagogical materials, many of them created with local resources in the communities.


The project runs for 41 months, taking place from November 1st 2018 until November 3oth 2022.


Itinerant Early Childhood Education services provided, managed and integrated in 5 Communities in Chibuto District, in a sustainable way.

5 communities in the District of Chibuto sensitized/ mobilized about the importance of Early Childhood Education and the necessary skills for the integral development of pre-school children.


In Mozambique, 4% of children under 5 years of age attend pre-school education (EPE) (Ministry of Education, 2012). There is low parental and community awareness of the importance of early childhood education, high female illiteracy, and insufficient health and citizenship promotion initiatives by the authorities for preschool children.

A World Bank study in Gaza province highlighted problems of cognitive and language lag in children aged 3 to 5 years (Ministry of Education, 2014). According to Naudeau et al. (2011), early stimulation will allow better preparation for elementary school, improve physical and mental health.


The study “DESENVOLVIMENTO PSICOMOTOR DA CRIANÇA MOÇAMBICANA, EM IDADE PRÉ-ESCOLAR, EM CONTEXTO RURAL, COM ENFOQUE NO CHIBUTO: uma revisão narrativa da literatura” (PSYCHOMOTOR DEVELOPMENT OF MOZAMBIQUE CHILDREN OF PRE-SCHOOL AGE IN RURAL AREAS, WITH A FOCUS ON CHIBUTO: A Narrative Literature Review) was carried out with the objective of understanding the differences in the psychomotor development of Mozambican children of pre-school age living in rural areas, particularly in Chibuto, in Gaza Province.

This document results from the production of a scientific-pedagogical investigation led by the researcher Carla Ladeira, and has as case study specifically the five communities included in the project. For the production of this study, the partner entity - Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL) - was involved, namely with the scientific support of Professor Maria Antónia Barreto, scientific-pedagogical consultant of the project. This document will allow an academic and non-academic reflection in order to (1) support the intervention and ensure the adequacy of the activities to the reality of Mozambican children in a rural context and (2) contribute to the increase of bibliography in this area.

Consult the Study here.

As a result of the study, an article was submitted, which aims to broaden the sharing with the international scientific and technical community, and which shows the evolution of the studies and achievements in the framework of psychomotor child development in Mozambique and, simultaneously, the data collected in Chibuto, through the Project "Educators in Motion".

Consult the article here.

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