Volunteer in Portugal

Volunteering at AIDGLOBAL can be a very enriching experience both personally and professionally. In Portugal, volunteering is done according to the needs of the organization’s offices and the skills of the volunteer.

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Volunteering in AIDGLOBAL can be carried out in the following areas:

Communications Office: supporting the needs of the Communications Office in publicizing the mission of AIDGLOBAL, producing institutional content, such as a newsletter, articles, news and images, supporting events, etc.

Projects Office: AIDGLOBAL has several ongoing projects that often require support in translations, production of teaching material (e.g. graphic design) and support for activities arising from each project.

Administrative and Financial Office: Support in various administrative tasks, such as data insertion and updating, file organization, inventories, among others.

Internacional Volunteering

AIDGLOBAL has a delegation in Chibuto, Mozambique which occasionally receives volunteers to help carry out the activities of the many projects within the scope of the promotion of literacy.

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International volunteering opportunities are offered when there are activities that require the contribution of volunteers with the availability of time and skills to support the local team. These opportunities are duly communicated, either in the AIDGLOBAL Newsletter (please subscribe), or through the Organization’s social networks.

To carry out international volunteering you should consider the following requirements:
1. Volunteer Profile:
  • Presentation of their Curriculum Vitae, Motivation letter with reference contacts;
  • Between the ages of 21 and 70;
  • To have a sense of mission, commitment, responsibility and dedication to live in an environment with diverse geographical, economic and social contexts;
  • Present your criminal record.
2. Volunteer time:
  • At least 3 weeks to 3 months.
3. Accommodation:
  • Accommodation will be provided by AIDGLOBAL at its delegation based in Chibuto district, Gaza province, according to the occupancy rate.
4. Food:
  • Meals will be made and served at the AIDGLOBAL delegation by the cook on duty.
5. Transport:  
  • All local travel within the activities developed by AIDGLOBAL in Mozambique will be carried out in the vehicle of the Organization and / or public transport, when necessary, and the respective expenses borne by AIDGLOBAL.
6. Volunteer charges:
  • International travel, visa, travel insurance, vaccinations, traveller consultation and food.

For more information, please contact us: [email protected].

Get to know stories of people who decided to be part of the Change!

Carolina Bebiano Volunteer in the project “Kula Na Wu Djonza (Crescer a Ler)” “Kula Na Wu Djonza” (“Growing up Reading”) is a safe space where women share their concerns through stories. In this way, young mothers have access to books which in turn has a positive impact on their babies.

The mother returns more curious and attentive to the world around her. This work on the ground allowed me to discover this profound reality and get to know Mozambique through its people and discover motherhood in that country.”
Vítor Rosa Volunteer at the Office I was without a significant occupation when I decided to sell the share I held in a small company where I used to spend my free days. One of my daughters told me about AIDGLOBAL, where she knew a person who deserved a lot of consideration. I set up a meeting and after an hour of pleasant conversation with a young woman, I had a great desire to collaborate with this NGO.

And with each passing day I become more convinced that I made the right decision. AIDGLOBAL proposes to contribute to the development of humanity through various initiatives that, in my view, will be guaranteed success. Not only the help they offer in Mozambique, but the actions taken with teachers are of enormous importance for improving the quality of life in the future.

By volunteering in AIDGLOBAL, the passage of time becomes more pleasant and gives me purpose. I can contribute to help execute tasks which would take much longer without my help and put my professional experience of 40 years at the service of this entity.