Closing of the 17th edition of “Conectando Mundos”

Closing of the 17th edition of “Conectando Mundos”

Closing of the 17th edition of “Conectando Mundos”

The 17th edition of the “Conectando Mundus” (Connecting Worlds) project, which was implemented from January 2020 to March 2021, involved 475 teachers and 277 educational centers from 12 countries, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Cuba, Luxembourg, Argentina, Brazil and the United Kingdom, around the theme “Crise Climática – Tempo de Atua” (Climate Crisis – Time to Act). The educational proposal was available in 7 languages (Italian, Portuguese, English, Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Basque) and was aimed at 4 age groups: 5-8 years, 9-11 years, 12-14 years and 15-17 years.

The project aimed to encourage the implementation of Global Citizenship Education in schools, providing students with the basis for understanding the Climate Crisis phenomenon and giving them tools for critical analysis and transformative social action. At the same time, it presented constructive alternatives from the voices of youth and other people in order to find greener and fairer economic solutions.

In order to guide the students and support the reflection process, the teachers were provided with their own training module to learn about the project and navigate through the different stages, downloading the support materials (Didactic Guide and complementary documents). The whole project was developed through an online platform for collaborative work and intercultural exchange:, where didactic proposals with active methods were presented, for the development of Global Competence, through digital tools and in-person dynamics.

In the 2020/2021 school year, Spain led in the participation indicators, with 321 schools, followed by Portugal with 65.

This educational programme falls under the 2030 Agenda, specifically goal 4.7 – Promote Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship – which refers to the social and humanistic purposes of Education.

The project was co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ fund and promoted by Oxfam Intermón (Spain), in partnership with Oxfam Italia (Italy), AIDGLOBAL and Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (Portugal) and Espais Telemàtics (Spain).

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