Sociocultural encounter at the end of the Urbagri4women Project

Sociocultural encounter at the end of the Urbagri4women Project

Sociocultural encounter at the end of the Urbagri4women Project

Share of good practices and transnational competition award

On November 27th, AIDGLOBAL held its last activity related to the Urbagri4Women Project with Renovar a Mouraria, which was hosted by the Popular Kitchen of Mouraria.

AIDGLOBAL joined Filomena and João, from Ecological Hortas (partners in the Project), a boy from France, and a group of ladies from Pakistan, Brazil, Nepal, Guinea, and the US. This gathering shared some of the uses for herbs and spices found in any supermarket or porch.

The activity included how to make aromatic oils, lavender biscuits and rosemary liquor. It also involved the Traditional Recipes Contest (a prior competition created by the project), in which recipes by Momo from Nepal, and Chicken Bread from Pakistan, were the winners.

AIDGLOBAL is the national partner for Urbagri4women, a project that is being implemented in 7 European countries that aims to promote the integration of migrant women, including asylum seekers, and those who under international protection in host societies. It allows them to develop innovative projects of subsistence in the area of Agriculture.

The inclusion of these women is done through Education and recreational activities, professional training, access to the labor market, with the fight against discrimination, and in cultural activities that promote intercultural dialogue and a welcoming culture. It involves public administration, social partners, migrant’s associations, and other relevant stakeholders.

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AIDGLOBAL is one of the winning Entities of the VINCI Programme for Citizenship

Within the scope of the 3rd Edition of the VINCI Programme for Citizenship, and under the motto "The future of others is our present!", the most recent project of AIDGLOBAL - Community School for Employability and Volunteering - was awarded 18 000 Euros, delivered during the Ceremony of the attribution of donations to the winning ...