Frequently Asked Questions

AIDGLOBAL – Acção e Integração para o Desenvolvimento Global – is a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGOD), a non-profit that designs and implements projects in the area of Education. In Portugal the focus is on the promotion of Global Citizenship and in Mozambique in encouraging reading and reducing illiteracy levels. It has its headquarters in the Municipality of Loures and its offices are located in Parque das Nações. Since 2017 it has a delegation in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in Porto Santo Island. And in 2009 opened its delegation in Mozambique, in Gaza Province, Chibuto District.


Act, Include and Develop through Education is its mission. Its work stands out in the areas of Literacy and Education for Development and Global Citizenship and was created with the intention of all children to have a quality education through access to the book.

It is an organization recognized as a Public Utility Legal Person by the Portuguese Government. It is registered since 2006 as a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO) by Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P. Since 2009, it is It legally authorized by the Mozambican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to work in Education and Social Action areas in Mozambique. It is also considered as a Youth Association equivalent by RENAJ – Registo Nacional do Associativismo Jovem.


AIDGLOBAL`s story begins on the 4th of November, 2005, after the founder Susana Damasceno had a rewarding volunteering experience in Gaza Province, Mozambique. Read the Foundation Charter here.

AIDGLOBAL develops projects in mainland Portugal and in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, where it has a delegation in Porto Santo Island since 2017, and also in Mozambique, in the Gaza Province, Chibuto District, where it has a delegation since 2009.


Our team is composed of employees, service providers, trainees and volunteers from different countries, of different ages, with very diverse professional backgrounds and experiences that contribute to AIDGLOBAL’s mission, working on the projects and initiatives that the organization promotes.

AIDGLOBAL provides all the information on its official Websitewww.aidglobal.org – and on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin. If you do not find what you want, please contact us through the telephone number 218 946 028, the e-mail address: geral@aidglobal.org or through the forms on the Website.

Our goal is to contribute to global change in order to achieve sustainable development, investing in a transformative education, which is necessary and urgent in the communities where we act. And that is why we work with participatory methodologies that invite action by children, youth, teachers, municipal technicians and others. We bet on effective and efficient management models, we have an initiative spirit. We design solutions, implement projects and achieve results, in addition to forming dynamic teams and promoting articulation with various partners, working together for a fairer, more egalitarian and sustainable world.

Any person or organization can support AIDGLOBAL with donations, sponsorships, goods and volunteering. Please contact us using the form available on our official website, by phone or e-mail: geral@aidglobal.org so that we may be informed of your intention.

AIDGLOBAL shares its work on its official Websitewww.aidglobal.org – and on social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin. If you do not find what you want, please contact us through the telephone number 218 946 028, the e-mail address: geral@aidglobal.org or through the forms on the Website.

AIDGLOBAL has partnerships with several important entities in the culture, education, citizenship areas, among others. To consult all our partners please consult: https://aidglobal.org/

The involvement of companies in AIDGLOBAL’s work can happen in several ways: through a donation to AIDGLOBAL to support in a general way or through a donation to a specific project, donation of material, in-kind services, technical support or corporate volunteering.

Schools can get involved in various ways: by participating in a specific project that is already underway, by establishing partnerships in projects that are being designed and with supporting materials.

All information about AIDGLOBAL in the Media can be found on our official Website at www.aidglobal.org.

Human Resources

AIDGLOBAL is composed of three offices: Administrative and Financial, Projects and Communication. All the work related to administrative and financial management and also communication is developed in the premises in Lisbon. The work related to projects is carried out in different locations in the mainland Portugal and in the respective delegations.

AIDGLOBAL has a permanent team that supports the organization. However, every year it welcomes several volunteers and interns both national and international to develop its ongoing projects. It also has partnerships with several national and international educational institutions in the scope of curricular internships. It is a partner institution for INOV internships and IEFP – Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (Employment and Professional Training Institute).

The recruitment process occurs when there is a need to reinforce the team or due to the volume of work or a specific need. Recruitment occurs when we find a candidate whose skills match the organization’s needs. It usually takes between two and three weeks and there is always place for an interview.

The qualities that we most value in addition to his/her educational and professional background are a sense of mission, willingness to learn, proactivity, rigor, responsibility and a taste for teamwork.

You can contact us through the telephone number 218 946 028, the e-mail address: geral@aidglobal.org or through the forms on the Website.

Yes, it is possible to apply for more than one volunteer area.

Yes, we can conduct interviews by phone or by Skype if necessary.

Opportunities for collaboration are posted on AIDGLOBAL’s official Website and on our Social Networks. They are also posted on various employment pages, such as Carga de Trabalhos (Job Load) and Net-Emprego (Net-Employment).

Program and Countries

You can learn more about our programs through our official Website at www.aidglobal.org. If you have any questions, please contact us through the telephone number 218 946 028 or the e-mail address: geral@aidglobal.org or by using the forms on the Website.

You can choose one of our projects and support it with a donation or you can ask us about the most urgent needs at the time you intend to make that donation.

AIDGLOBAL aims to continue to Act, Include and Develop through Education in Portugal and Mozambique. However, we are attentive to the world and open to opportunities that allow us to establish new partnerships and accept invitations for new interventions.

All our projects follow transparency and reporting rules and are audited by a duly certified company. Our data is quantified according to the number of beneficiaries and results achieved.


Donations can be made on our official website at www.aidglobal.org by accessing the “Donate” page, which provides a credit card payment system for timely donations, weekly or monthly. It is also possible to choose to be a member of AIDGLOBAL, which requires an annual fee of 25 Euros using the direct debit platform or through ATM payment after requesting your reference. It is also possible to support AIDGLOBAL monetarily by check or bank transfer.

Yes, you can. For more information, please contact us directly.

Whenever it is justified, we make a book drive campaign. For this, pay attention to our social networks and the official Website.

Yes, every time you make a donation you receive a receipt, which under the Law of Patronage, the amount donated is increased by 130% in the IRS.

How to get involved

Anyone can volunteer at AIDGLOBAL as long as they carry out all the recruitment phases in force at AIDGLOBAL. Volunteer opportunities arise according to the needs of the projects and the administrative work.

Volunteering is done according to the needs of the offices and the skills of the candidates. As an example, in the Communications Office, support can be given to the needs of dissemination of AIDGLOBAL’s mission such as the production of institutional content: newsletters, articles, news, images and support to events. In the Projects Office, AIDGLOBAL needs support in translations, pedagogical material production and support to the activities arising from each project.

In the Administrative and Financial Office, basic activities are developed according to the various projects and the structure of the organization. AIDGLOBAL has a delegation in Chibuto, Mozambique that occasionally receives trainees and volunteers to help in the realization of the activities of the many projects we develop there. In any case, AIDGLOBAL only offers the stay in its delegation in Chibuto. All other costs (travel, visa, insurance, vaccinations, food) are the full responsibility and supported by the trainees and volunteers.

Parents can encourage their children to participate in the projects we develop and can also contact the school community and propose the school participation of their child.

AIDGLOBAL signs a volunteer contract with the regular volunteers, integrating them into group accident insurance. At the end of the volunteering exercise we issue a statement attesting to the accomplishment of volunteering.