Association Party in Loures

Association Party in Loures

Association Party in Loures

AIDGLOBAL promotes activities

The 2018 Association Party, promoted by the Municipality of Loures, was held at the Peace and Friendship Pavilion from the 13th to the 15th of July. The aim was to introduce the associations of this municipality to each other. It highlighted the way they work, the activities they develop for the local population, and the importance of these dynamic agents for the community.

It was possible to see several sports, culture and leisure exhibitions from the associations to demonstrate the support that the municipality provides. The participants could also enjoy performances from local folk groups, gymnasts, acrobats, the circus and martial artists (taekwondo and kickboxing). There was also a mixed space for fencing, gymnastics and basketball from different clubs and sports-related entities. 

On the different promotional stands available, some associations promoted their work and projects and had the opportunity to develop activities and workshops.

At the AIDGLOBAL (Action and Integration for Global Development) stand, which has its headquarters in Portela, Loures, it was possible to showcase the organisation’s work and an activity related to the Youth in Politics project. The activity consisted of sharing a questionnaire where participants selected three methods of active participation in society that they could identify and had to indicate the methods they had gotten involved in, in the last year, such as voting, participating in a public demonstration, or strike.

Regarding the promotion of the Urbagri4women project, people were allowed to take several quizzes related to themes such as migration, gender equality, sustainability and vegetable farming.

The participants offered a small souvenir with gardening tools, a sprinkler, biological seeds, and a planting calendar. We delivered 2 rakes, 7 mattocks, 9 shovels, 9 water sprays, 11 packs of Parsley seeds, 12 packs of Basil seeds, 9 packs of Carrot seeds, 9 packs of Lettuce seeds and 9 packs of Radish seeds.

Bernardino Soares, President of Loures Municipality, was present at the festivities with some staff members, stating: “This event is an opportunity to promote the tremendous work by the association movement. Such a movement is an enriching factor in our region and an element of strong democratic importance because of its involvement in the municipality’s politics as all present can take part in decisions”. In the end, Paulo Piteira, vice-President of the municipality, gave certificates to the ones who took part in the different challenges of the Association Party that happened this year.

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