Teacher training on Global Citizenship in Madeira

Teacher training on Global Citizenship in Madeira

Teacher training on Global Citizenship in Madeira

Workshop was held as part of the project “Educate to Cooperate”.

The workshop called “The articulation of Global Citizenship with the Curriculum – Strategies for Transformative Education” started on November 22nd at the headquarters of the Madeira Teachers Union (SPM) in Funchal and has its last session scheduled for May 23rd.

In the previous meetings the participants tested and implemented participatory learning strategies from which the themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals can be worked on. From practice to theory, we reflected on Global Citizenship (knowledge, skills, attitudes and values), social inclusion, social and environmental resilience and respect, appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity.

The last session will be held by videoconference and participants will share their project work and the adaptations they had to make due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19. The project work consisted of facilitating the creation and implementation of microprojects developed by students which were aimed at promoting Global Citizenship and social transformation in conjunction with the contents of the disciplines.

The 19 participating teachers come from several schools in Madeira are completing 50 hours of training. Transforming, awakening, acting and cooperating were some of the most mentioned verbs in this training.

Some photos can be seen online on AIDGLOBAL’s Facebook (here).

The training is accredited by the Madeira Teachers Union, by Susana Damasceno, the President of the AIDGLOBAL Board of Directors, and has the collaboration of the facilitator Sofia Lopes, manager of the project “Educate to Cooperate – Porto Santo and Madeira”.

This project is promoted by AIDGLOBAL, it is co-financed by Camões — Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P., and has as partners the Porto Santo City Council and the Madeira Teachers Union.

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