Teacher training on Global Citizenship in Porto Santo

Teacher training on Global Citizenship in Porto Santo

Teacher training on Global Citizenship in Porto Santo

Workshop part of the Educate to Cooperate project

“Diversity” and “Inclusion” were the words most referenced in the Training Workshop “The articulation of Global Citizenship with the Curriculum: Strategies for a Transformative Education”. The workshop, which began on February 23rd in the Conference Room of the Porto Santo Council, was aimed at 5th to 9th-grade Secondary School teachers.

One of the objectives of this training program, which runs until May 11th, is to reflect on the different forms of civic participation in society and the role students play in promoting sustainable and equitable development.

Dr Luísa Paixão, Director of the Madeira Teachers’ Union (SPM) Training Center, attended the first session, which initiated the start of the workshop.
Throughout prior meetings, discussions and debates were held on Global Citizenship, Peace, Human Rights, Environmental Sustainability, Transformative Education and Curricular Articulation. In groups, participants recreated a classroom setting and simulated didactic units to promote Global Citizenship, using participatory approaches such as role-playing.

The 18 participating teachers will now begin to prepare practical work to facilitate the expansion of Development Education initiatives formed from the interest and motivation of their students and aid in their implementation. To do this, they need to challenge them in terms of subject material, thus adding themes of Global Citizenship to the formal curriculum.

From the five sessions that were carried out, the teachers have already reached some conclusions, namely: “Change happens through education, and we all have something to give and receive”, and “It is possible to impart knowledge in a dynamic, interactive, playful way with a lot of creativity”, “To value SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and to take responsibility for the dissemination, and sensitization, of students”.

Accredited by the SPM, this workshop is taught by Susana Damasceno, President of AIDGLOBAL, and is facilitated by Sofia Lopes, Project Manager for Educate to Cooperate: Porto Santo and Madeira.

The Municipality of Porto Santo kindly provided the space for the face-to-face sessions, ensuring all the workshop logistics.
This workshop is supported by the Hotel Vila Baleira Porto Santo, which also hosts the teaching expert. Company partnerships, concerning their sense of social responsibility, contribute to Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals: “Encourage and promote public and private-public partnerships and an effective civil society, based on the experienced strategies formed from the mobilization of resources from these partnerships “.

The Educate to Cooperate: Porto Santo and Madeira project is promoted by AIDGLOBAL and co-financed by Camões: Institute of Cooperation and Language, IP, and partners with the Porto Santo Municipal Council, the Porto Santo Regional Administration for Public Administration and the Teachers Union of Madeira.

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Some photos and videos are available online on AIDGLOBAL’s Facebook page (images, video 1 and video 2).