Manuel António da Mota Foundation supports AIDGLOBAL intervention in Mozambique

Manuel António da Mota Foundation supports AIDGLOBAL intervention in Mozambique

Manuel António da Mota Foundation supports AIDGLOBAL intervention in Mozambique

AIDGLOBAL’s work in Mozambique has been developed to combat illiteracy levels in some areas of the country and promote higher offers and equal access to early childhood in close cooperation with the Mozambican government and local authorities’ education services.

Guaranteeing Early Childhood education services has been one of the biggest challenges for AIDGLOBAL, particularly under the project “Educators in Movement”, under which five Community Schools were inaugurated between 11 and 22 April in five communities where AIDGLOBAL operates, located in the District of Chibuto, Gaza Province, Mozambique.

Despite the capital importance of the project above to leverage activities such as this, which will ensure access to Early Childhood Education for about 300 children, the intervention of AIDGLOBAL does not end with the activities planned in the application, which means that all the support that partner entities may provide to AIDGLOBAL will contribute to it so that it can enhance the support provided, in the field, particularly to children and young people, mothers, fathers, caregivers, educators and/or teachers.

The Manuel António da Mota Foundation presents as statutory purposes the promotion, development and support of initiatives of a social nature in the fields of charity and social solidarity and cultural spirit in the areas of education, health, environment, organisation and support to artistic activity. It supports the AIDGLOBAL’s missions and thus contributes to giving continuity to what has been its intervention in southern Mozambique.

Strengthening the supply and quality of education in Early Childhood Education has been emphasised, especially over the last decade, by the Mozambican government. Examples of this are the Education Strategic Plan 2012-2016, the Strategy for the Integral Development of Pre-school Children 2012-2021 (DICIPE), and the Education Strategic Plan 2020-2029. Each of them shares common convictions, among which stand out the recognition of education as a final tool for combating poverty and the realisation that it is crucial for strengthening democracy and sustainable economic growth. The publication “Early Childhood Education in Mozambique: a study on the Niassa Community Schools” (2021) – produced within the scope of the Othukumana Project – Strengthening the Capacities of the Preschool Education Network in Niassa Province” -presents enrolment rates that are still low with only “3.5% of children enrolled and a large deficit of preschool infrastructures”. The Education Strategic Plan 2020-2029, currently in force, follows these concerns and reinforces the need for a sustained response to Early Childhood Education.

For all these reasons, there is a path that must continue so that it becomes possible to reverse these figures.

AIDGLOBAL thanks Manuel António da Mota Foundation for the solidarity and socially responsible way in which it dedicates itself to causes such as this, joining, on this path, AIDGLOBAL so that, together and in a sustained partnership, it may be possible to promote Change, through education, for a fairer, more peaceful, egalitarian and sustainable world.

See below the video of AIDGLOBAL’s gratitude to Manuel António da Mota Foundation.