SOLIDARITY IRS 2021: Education is priceless, your support is costless

SOLIDARITY IRS 2021: Education is priceless, your support is costless

SOLIDARITY IRS 2021: Education is priceless, your support is costless

AIDGLOBAL’s IRS and/or VAT Solidarity Campaign starts on Monday, February 22nd.

Every year, Civil Society Organizations (CSO) join forces to start their solidarity campaigns that allow all Portuguese citizens to choose an entity they want to help by donating 0.5% of their IRS and /or the amount of their VAT deduction. The option for the IRS consignment is completely free for the taxpayer, which does not entail any cost and will not receive less, since this percentage, instead of entering the State’s coffers, is channeled to the Institution of your choice – AIDGLOBAL. In relation to VAT, what is at issue is a consignment that allows the taxpayer to donate 15% of the tax paid in car repair shops, restaurants, accommodation, hairdressers, beauty salons, veterinarians and 100% of the VAT on social passes, which amount will be deducted from the taxpayer’s IRS.

AIDGLOBAL returns with its IRS Solidarity Campaign, “Education is priceless, your support is costless” and it is, once again, essential to count on your support for the development and continuity of the projects and activities carried out, day after day, by the Organization — in Portugal, in the context of Education for Global Citizenship and, in Mozambique, in the promotion of Literacy.

At a time when the calamity situation, in the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the new coronavirus, which has so affected all of humanity and in the most varied areas of intervention, there is an urgent need to unite efforts and wills, so that children, young people and the most vulnerable communities do not fail to benefit. And it is in this sense that AIDGLOBAL appeals to all taxpayers – supporters and sympathizers – so that their solidarity gesture is not left out of use when submitting and validating the IRS declarations, which takes place between April 1st and June 30th. You can, if you prefer, anticipate, from now on, the tax consignment until March 31st.

If you want to contribute to AIDGLOBAL’s mission, just go to the Finance Portal and fill in the data for the IRS Consignment to AIDGLOBAL and insert NIPC: 507 501 063. And don’t forget that you can do it simultaneously through IRS and VAT of your invoices. Find out how, here!

By supporting AIDGLOBAL, you will be with us to invest in Quality Education, because we believe that true Change happens through Education.

For more information, see here.