Young people united for a healthier life

Young people united for a healthier life

Young people united for a healthier life

“Right to quality food” was the theme that joined efforts by the 9th A and D classes of Elementary and High School of Porto Santo.

Within the scope of the Action Plan “From School to the World – Acting, Including, Transforming“, in order to sensitize young people to solidarity, 9th A and 9th D students and their teachers have developed activities that promoted the “Right to quality food”, around Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 2.

During the 3rd period of the academic year 2020/2021, the themes of Citizenship were articulated with the contents of the official curriculum. The aim of the Project Work was to promote a sense of responsibility in terms of commitment to others and the well-being of the community, namely not being indifferent to social problems and taking the initiative for a fairer world.

During the Natural Science classes, they worked on the Food Wheel. The students made a list of those that were, in the past, consumed on the island of Porto Santo so that they could later make a food wheel with them and see if the type of food in those times was, or not, balanced. The wheel geometry and the angles of each food group were worked on in the Mathematics course. In Geography, they critically reflected on the theme of social inequalities.

Articulating with the contents of Education for Health, in Physical Education, recipes that can be made with bread and other ingredients were created and a competition on the themes of Citizenship was promoted. In synergy with the English discipline, a Facebook page was created, aimed at tourists and immigrants, where they shared typical recipes from the island of Porto Santo. The page can be accessed here.

In the context of this Action Plan, in collaboration with the Porto Santo Parish Council, the students carried out a campaign to collect food for donation to families in situations of social vulnerability. In the subject of Citizenship and Development, they prepared texts to be placed in solidarity baskets and, in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) classes, they created advertising posters/flyers for the collection of food, in addition to creating a spot that went on the school radio. 85 kg of food products were collected in the campaign, an action that had the support of the school community and which were delivered to about 6 families by the Porto Santo Parish Council team, with the support of AIDGLOBAL ― Acção e Integração para o Desenvolvimento Global (Action and Integration for Global Development) (NGDO).

Through project work, participatory sessions and interdisciplinary articulation, the students developed Education for Citizenship skills, such as equality and dignity, civic participation and commitment to others.

“From School to the World – Act, Include, Transform” is an Education for Citizenship Action Plan, developed by AIDGLOBAL, in partnership with Professor Dr. Francisco Freitas Branco Elementary and High School, Porto Santo, for a fairer and more sustainable future. Enquadra-se na National Strategy for Education for Ctizenship and has the support of many entities, including the Gonçalo da Silveira Foundation and the Catholic University of Porto, within the scope of the Active Citizens Program.