JSD district of porto brings together 50 young people for a conference on youth participation in politics

JSD district of porto brings together 50 young people for a conference on youth participation in politics

JSD district of porto brings together 50 young people for a conference on youth participation in politics

Last Saturday, October 22, the Social Democratic Youth District of Porto organized the conference “The Youth and the World: Participation and Commitment”. This conference, promoted by Ana Sofia Loureiro, president of JSM – Marco de Canaveses and Vice-President of JSD Nacional, was another initiative arising from the volunteering experience in Mozambique, promoted by AIDGLOBAL, within the scope of the project ” Youth in Politics — Participating for Global Citizenship (2nd Edition)”.

Starting from their trip in Mozambique, the participants were challenged to carry out activities in Portugal aimed at sharing another look at the world, to which this experience contributed a lot.

Based on this objective, the event addressed themes such as the role of youth associations — the starting point of youth participation in public life in Portugal —, the importance of Social Democratic Youth as the largest partisan youth in  Portugal, Citizenship classes and the impact of new technologies on Organizations, at European and world level.

Marco Afonso Barbosa, councilor of the Municipality of Póvoa de Varzim, with the Youth Portfolio, started the conference welcoming young people from the district and made a brief reflection on the role of municipalities in promoting Global Citizenship.

It also featured the intervention of the Journalist and president of the JSD of Póvoa de Vazim, João Magalhães, and the viewing of a video, made by Lídia Pereira, a young Member of the European Parliament.

Presenting the different  themes were several speakers, namely the President of the National Federation of Youth Associations, Marco Santos, the President of the National JSD and Member of the Assembly of the Republic, Alexandre Poço, the trainer, volunteer and activist in youth associations  and projects in the areas of citizenship and social intervention, Cátia Camisão , the Ambassador of the European Climatic Pact in Portugal and a founding member of the ZORA Non-Governmental Organization, Rosmel Rodriguez, and, finally, the Member of the Board of the Cnj, Alexandre Galicia.

It was a day that allowed moments of sharing, new learning and empowerment, in favor of a more sustainable policy, based on the principles and themes around Global Citizenship.

The Conference ended with the President of the JSD District of Porto, Jorge Barbosa, emphasizing the importance of JSD in the discussion of social issues. About 50 young people participated and the feedback was very positive.

The event is part of the “Jovens na Política — Participar para a Cidadania Global (2ª) Ed.” (Youth in Politics – Participate for Global Citizenship (2nd edition), project, promoved by AIDGLOBAL and co-financed by Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P.. This project has as partners the Conselho Nacional de Juventude (CNJ), the Federação Nacional das Associações Juvenis (FNAJ), the Dypall Network, the Centro de Estudos Internacionais – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, the Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude (IPDJ), the Centro de Juventude de Lisboa (CJL) and the  Câmara Municipal de Santarém, and has the support of Mypolis.