“Soldier’s Backpack” in Vila Franca de Xira

“Soldier’s Backpack” in Vila Franca de Xira

“Soldier’s Backpack” in Vila Franca de Xira

AIDGLOBAL develops activity for teachers

In the framework of the project “Educate to Cooperate: the Historic Route of the Towers Lines and Global Citizenship” was held, on November 30, at the school library EB 2.3 Padre José Rota, the official presentation of the pedagogical resource ” Soldier’s Backpack – from War to Peace ” to the Municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, represented by Patrícia Alves.

Isabel Castro, Project Manager at AIDGLOBAL, oriented a session focused on some of the pedagogical activities proposed in the interactive didactic-pedagogical Guide included in the backpack and the related support materials, namely accessories and games, which were experienced by the participants. The activities and respective materials in the Guide articulate themes of Education for Global Citizenship with situations encountered during the French Invasions in the 19th century, linking them to the programmatic context of curricular disciplines.

The event, attended by 9 teachers from the 2nd and 3rd cycles and secondary education, was integrated into the celebration of the International Day of the Educating City of the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira.

Schools interested in using this pedagogical tool with their students can, from now on, request it in one of the six Towers Lines Interpretation Centers (CILT).

The AIDGLOBAL project “Educating to Cooperate: the Historic Route of the Tower Lines and Global Citizenship” was co-financed by Camões – Institute of Cooperation and Language, IP, having as partners the Municipal Councils of Arruda dos Vinhos, Loures, Mafra, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Torres Vedras and Vila Franca de Xira and the Training Center of Loures Oriental.

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