“PAB_LIVING_LAB” presente at the 11th International Conference on Aerosols

“PAB_LIVING_LAB” presente at the 11th International Conference on Aerosols

“PAB_LIVING_LAB” presente at the 11th International Conference on Aerosols

Athens, the ancient city and capital of Greece, home to the famous Acropolis, a mix of history and culture of the ancient and modern Greeks, hosted the 11th International Aerosol Conference from 4 to 9 September.

This meeting was attended by different organizations, researchers and people working in the area of Aerosols. Representing the partner organizations of the “PAB_LivingLab” project, Tiago Faria, from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), participated as a speaker at this event under the theme “Air Quality in urban parks – inform to prevent”, where he presented a study that addresses the Air Quality in urban parks, in Portugal, with special emphasis on the Adão Barata Park (PAB), in Loures.

The research conducted by this institution demonstrates the performance of the Air Quality Monitoring System installed in this Park. The data obtained are entered into an IoT platform and are available to anyone who wants to consult and find out about air quality before visiting the Park.

The International Aerosol Conference takes place every four years and is promoted by the International Aerosol Research Assembly (IARA), an organisation formed by associations from several countries that aims to promote scientific knowledge and cooperation in the field of Aerosol research at an international level. IARA also recognises scientists in this field by means of the Fuchs Memorial Award, which takes place simultaneously with the respective conference, and the Aerosol Fellow Award, held every two years.

The organisation chosen by IARA to host this Conference is the “Hellenic Association for Aerosol Research”, a non-profit scientific association working to promote Aerosol science and technology.

See the Study poster, here.

Read the summary about Air Quality, here.

The participation in this conference is part of one of the activities of “Pab_Living_Lab”, in the scope of which we will be participating in international conferences to disseminate the conclusions of the studies and other initiatives that are being carried out in the project.

To know more about this conference, consult the Website of the “11th International Aerosol Conference” clicking on the following link: https://iac2022.gr/

PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata (PAB_LivingLab – Experiencing decarbonization in Adão Barata Park) is a project that runs from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2024, financed by the Environment Program of the EEA Grants, whose promoting entity is AIDGLOBAL – Ação e Integração para o Desenvolvimento Global (AIDGLOBAL – Action and Integration for Global Development)–, and as partners the Municipality of Loures, the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon, bim+, dstsolar and Innovation Point.