First presencial Coordination Meeting of the “NEAR” project – took place in Portugal

First presencial Coordination Meeting of the “NEAR” project – took place in Portugal

First presencial Coordination Meeting of the “NEAR” project – took place in Portugal

In the scope of the project, the AIDGLOBAL team welcomed the international coordination of the project which brought together representatives of the two partner countries that are part of it, namely Italy and Cyprus, in a meeting held in Lisbon on July 7th and 8th.

Present at this meeting, promoted by AIDGLOBAL at the Portuguese Institute for Youth and Sports, IPDJ, were the ISMU Foundation, the project promoter, and the partner entities – Tamat, CARDET and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. It also included the participation of the communication agency “Giusti Eventi”.

The opening session was led by the Organization’s President of the Board, Susana Damasceno, and the purpose of the meeting was to evaluate how the project is progressing regarding the activities carried out in each country. The evaluation is made through the Communication Campaign indicators, referring to the results obtained with the media, the Social Networks of the project and the partners.

The challenges for the future and the planning of the following activities were also established, namely the “Treasure Hunt” that will take place in the three countries. It will involve the project’s beneficiaries, which in Portugal will take place in November.

This meeting was marked by the partners’ visit to the Maria da Luz de Deus Ramos School, where they got to know the various recreational and educational activities carried out with the children. It includes the mural painting, the vertical vegetable garden and the exchange of letters between the school children and Mozambican children, which proved to be very important and much appreciated by the project partners.

During the visit, the partners exchanged impressions and experiences with Dr Maria Fátima Cunha Silva, Coordinator of the School. She stressed how challenging and essential the work of making the school more community-oriented and inclusive of increasing parental involvement and supporting newly-arrived children from other countries.

Alongside this, the partners were shown some of the places of interest in the Galinheiras neighbourhood for their typically cultural value, inherent or exposed, and of historical significance, revealing themselves to be a memorable experience.

In the end, the group gathered at the bandstand of Galinheiras Square to listen to the testimony of an ISCTE-IUL university student, also a beneficiary and researcher in the “NEAR” project. He shared with the others the anguishes, struggles and achievements that they have been having at their University, concerning the reception and monitoring of recently arrived students from PALOP countries, helping them in the process of social and academic integration.

In addition, AIDGLOBAL presented, during these two working days, the traditional Portuguese cuisine at the restaurant “Cantina LX”, Lx Factory, and the Syrian gastronomy at the restaurant “Tayybeh”, whose chef and entrepreneur is a Syrian refugee and that gave the project partners an experience with Eastern flavours.

NEAR – NEwly ARrived in a common home” is a European project funded by the European Commission, under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) with the ISMU Foundation as a promoter and as partner entities TamatCARDET, and AIDGLOBAL and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. In Portugal, this project is being developed in the city of Lisbon.