Hoje as Crianças, Amanhã o Mundo

Hoje as Crianças, Amanhã o Mundo

Hoje as Crianças, Amanhã o Mundo

“Hoje as Crianças, Amanhã o Mundo” (“Today the Children, Tomorrow the World”) is the name of AIDGLOBAL’s first project co-founded by IPAD (Portuguese Institute for Development Assistance). Education and its agents are the structural pillars of society anywhere in the world not only because of its contributions to the education of the individuals, but also, and specially, because of its power and importance in the development of societies.  

Thus, this project is in compliance with the Guiding Document for the Policies for Elementary Teaching, published by the Ministry of Education in 1998. This document emphasizes that “the school needs to be a privileged space for education for citizenship and articulate, in its formal education system, participative, diverse and interactive methods of teaching-learning” (law 6/2001 of the 18th January).

The project was developed in Lisbon and the resources were spreaded all over the country, having as the main beneficiaries the educators who work in schools and in nurseries, universities, public libraries, associations and NGOs; Children between 5 and 12 years (or those children who are between preschool and the 2nd year of elementary school) with whom the above mentioned Institutions and the Educators work.

To contribute to the promotion of a global and responsible citizenship, which is based on common values and principles such as solidarity, peace and fairness.

  • Location of the action
  • Beneficiaries
    Children from 5 to 12 years old
  • Area of Action
    Development[ Education
  • Themes
    SDG, Education


The project lasted 11 months and took place from January, 2008 to December, 2008.


To disseminate the values and the themes of Education Development among children aged between 5 and 12 years, their institutions and educators who work with them;

To contribute to a major offer of didactic and pedagogical resources for the approach of Global Citizenship Education, with a focus on Development Education, for children between 5 and 12 years of age.


“Hoje as Crianças, Amanhã o Mundo” (Today the Children, Tomorrow the Worl)” is the name of the first AIDGLOBAL project co-financed by IPAD – Portuguese Institute for Development Support. Education and its agents are the structural pillar of societies, anywhere in the world, not only for their contribution in the training and education of individuals, but also for the influence they have on the development of societies. In this sense, this project is in line with the Policy Guideline Document for Basic Education, published by the Ministry of Education in 1998, where it is underlined “that the school needs to assume itself as a privileged space for citizenship education and to integrate and articulate, in its curricular offer, diversified learning experiences, namely more spaces for the effective involvement of students” (decree-law 6/2001 of January 18th).

We argue that the affirmation of Development Education as a strategy for the development and formation of the Portuguese society must go through an effort to work from the bottom up, that is, approaching the actors with a greater disseminating and educational potential, educating the younger public and making resources available to substantiate new attitudes and approaches to reality.


Activities Developed:

– Identification and Conception; Contact with teachers, educators and other NGDOs working in ED; Selection of “Pedagogical Group” members; Four Working Meetings of the “Pedagogical Group”; Research of Didactic-Pedagogical Resources: Contact with “Creatives”; Selection of “Creative Group” members; Four Working Meetings of the “Creative Group”; Experimentation/Validation of the Didactic-Pedagogical Resources with the Children; Contact with Printers and Publishers; Reproduction of the Didactic-Pedagogical Resources; Contact with Educational Institutions and Agents; Selection of the Educational Institutions and Agents for distribution of the Didactic-Pedagogical Resources; Distribution of Educational Resources to the selected Institutions and Educational Agents; Clarification Sessions on ED and the use of Educational Resources; Questionnaires to the Institutions and Agents that use the Educational Resources; Organization of the dossier and materials.


– Video-Game (Cd Rom) “Volta ao Mundo” (World Tour), for children from 8 to 12 years old. 1000 copies were produced online.

Activity Notebooks Kit designated by “O Mundo em Nós” (The World Within Us)“, for children pre-scholar, from 5 to 7 years old.1000 copies were produced.

Activities Files “Pensar o Mundo” (Think the World). Elementary and Middle School. Online.

“Pensar o Mundo” integra atividades de Educação para o Desenvolvimento, destinadas a educadores e professores dos 1º Ciclo, para utilização em contexto pedagógico. Este material didático foi desenvolvido no campo de ação do projeto “Hoje as Crianças, Amanhã o Mundo”. Ver as atividades “Pensar o Mundo”, para o 1º Ciclo, aqui.

Atividades de Educação para o Desenvolvimento, destinadas a educadores e professores do 2º ciclos, para utilização em contexto pedagógico.Ver as atividades “Pensar o Mundo”, para o 2º ciclo, aqui.





Antonieta Pires, Bárbara Barbedo, Edgar Félix, collaboration of the students Pedro Marques and Alexandre Lajoso under the coordination of Professor Célio Rijo from Alcochete High School, Graça Querido, Susana Guedes and Teresa Martins from Escola Superior de Educação do Politécnico do Porto.



Throughout the years AIDGLOBAL has established partnerships with several organizations who connect with our mission. AIDGLOBAL thanks all public and private entities for the support shown in our work, in the certainty that we will continue our path towards creating change for a more just and equitable world through education.