PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata

PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata

PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata

The “PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata” (PAB_LivingLab – Live the Decarbonization in Parque Adão Barata) is a project co-funded by EEA Grants, under the Environment Program.

The project aims to reduce the carbon intensity of the activities and services of the Adão Barata Park (PAB), in Loures, through the implementation of innovative technological solutions.

Activities that promote the adoption of sustainable practices will be streamlined in the park. Its visitors will be able to experience, in an interactive and dynamic way, the decarbonization laboratory while enjoying the green space.

  • Location of the action
    Adão Barata Park
  • Beneficiaries
    Local Community
  • Area of Action
    Climate Change
  • Themes
    Ec. Circular, Mobility, Energy, Buildings and Water Efficiency


The project lasts for 36 months, running from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2023.


  • Reduce the carbon intensity of the activities and services of the Adão Barata Park through the implementation of innovative technological solutions;
  • Empower the entire value chain, with a view to promoting active citizenship;
  • To raise awareness among the population of the benefits of adopting sustainable lifestyles;
  • Involve the whole community in the development of technologies, promoting their rapid appropriation.


The project arises from the need to contribute to the existence of more sustainable and resilient territories to Climate Change.

The choice of an urban park as the place to implement the laboratory was supported taking into account the functions of Urban Green Spaces in their different disciplinary areas: environmental, economic and social. Being a green space in an urban environment, it has multiple functions, from contributing to the preservation of biodiversity to bringing the population closer to nature, thus promoting health and well-being.


Circular Economy and Environment

  • Water efficiency, through the installation of an intelligent irrigation system;
  • Waste management, through a sustainable waste management plan and the promotion of its valorization;
  • Air quality management, through the installation of a sensing system;
  • Management of green spaces by increasing the carbon sequestration potential of the BAP.

Sustainable Mobility

  • Technological support infrastructures capable of providing information about traffic and mobility with the objective of reducing the affluence of cars in the perimeter of the PAB and promoting soft mobility;
  • Smart Parking – where electromagnetic sensors will be installed that will detect the presence of a vehicle per parking space;
  • Infrastructure for counting and sensing bicycles and promoting soft mobility.


  • Community of renewable energy through a photovoltaic production plant and a smart metering system and management platform, aiming at reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.


  • “Building Information Modeling” with IoT, enriching an advanced management model for the building “Palácio Marqueses Praia e Monforte”, contributing to the reduction of the building’s carbon footprint.

Living Lab

  • Living Lab in an innovative and sustainable way in an inclusive and resilient space, seeking to improve the quality of life of citizens and communities;
  • Platforms for aggregation and communication of all information generated, involving companies, local businesses, authorities, schools, universities and citizens;
  • Dissemination of all products developed, nationally and internationally.


Development happens through Education.

We want to continue our projects for a more sustainable world, betting on Education.





Project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through EEA Grants.

Throughout the years AIDGLOBAL has established partnerships with several organizations who connect with our mission. AIDGLOBAL thanks all public and private entities for the support shown in our work, in the certainty that we will continue our path towards creating change for a more just and equitable world through education.