Project “Connecting Worlds”

Project “Connecting Worlds”

Project “Connecting Worlds”

The Tree of Life on Earth Day.

As a way to celebrate the end of didactic activities of the 16th edition of the international project “Connecting Worlds”, April 22nd (International Earth Day) was chosen to carry out a common action for all participating students and classes – creating Trees of Life. It creatively aims to raise awareness of environmental protection in favor of a more just and sustainable world. It includes several celebration events and presentation of the Trees by the groups involved, also community dynamics such as meetings, exhibitions, lectures and demands for the centers (Parish Councils, Chambers, Municipal Councils etc.). Trees and achievements should be photographed and shared on social networks and on the project’s platform and blog.

Due to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, all face-to-face activities were globally suspended and replaced by online alternatives. In order to give more relevance to the initiative, AIDGLOBAL and the teachers involved in the project broadened the range of participation and invited other students, teachers, supporters and followers of the organization to join, creating their own Trees of Life, sharing them on social networks and/or hanging them on windows as a symbol of hope and connected worlds.

“Connecting Worlds” is an interactive educational proposal that combines activities in the classroom with work in a network that is composed of 6 to 17 year old students from various cultural, economic and social realities and several schools from all over the world. Every year a specific theme is worked on within the scope of Education for Global Citizenship and developed through an interactive multilingual platform in 8 languages ​​(Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Galician, Catalan and Basque), through which the different classes interact and work cooperatively while organized in teams of similar age groups. This edition lasts for 24 months (2019-2020), addresses Sustainable Development and is subject to the motto “Get in the loop: for a balanced future”.

The “Connecting Worlds” project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus + fund and is led by OXFAM Intermón. In its 16th edition, it involves 3 partner entities: OXFAM Italy, the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, AIDGLOBAL and Espais Telemàtics (Spain) that maintains the Web.

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