“Walk the (Global) Walk” project

“Walk the (Global) Walk” project

“Walk the (Global) Walk” project

SDGs Week and the Global Walk – activity planning.

The “Action Planning Workshop” took place on January 29th from 9:30-17:30 in the auditorium of the Escola Básica e Secundária Professor Reynaldo dos Santos in Vila Franca de Xira. It was a training within the scope of the “Walk the (Global) Walk” and was directed to the project’s second year leader students involved in the project from the 11 schools in Vila Franca de Xira (VFX) and their teachers. Four AIDGLOBAL facilitators together with two technicians from the VFX City Council streamlined the session. The focus was on promoting reflection and action planning carried out by each school in the school community and in the community in general before and during the SDGs Week. The week will take place between May 11th and 15th and will reach its peak on May 13th, which is the day when the 2nd Global Walk for the SDGs will take place.

Before the SDGs Week the students will lead activities with their colleagues within their own schools together with their teachers and with the support of AIDGLOBAL and CMVFX. During the SDGs Week they will organize events of greater dimension and reach which are aimed at the community in general and supported at various levels by the CMVFX. This workshop had the following parties from the municipal executives:

  • Vanessa Caldeira and Susana Gonçalves from the Multidisciplinary Urban Rehabilitation Team;
  • Anabela Pereira from the Support Division for the Associative and Youth Movement;
  • Vítor Félix from the Sports and Leisure Division;
  • Alexandre Sargento from the Department of Culture and Tourism;
  • Ana Carla Costa from the Department of Housing and Social Cohesion;
  • Carla Gamboa from the Department of Environment and Public Space Management;
  • Pedro Montes from the Education Division

78 young WGW leaders and 21 teachers from the schools involved in the project were present.

“Walk the Global Walk” is co-financed by the European Commission ‒ Education for Development Line and Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua I.P. It lasts for 36 months, involves 11 countries and 20 partner entities including AIDGLOBAL.

Read more about the WGW project:

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