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ED-Comunicar – do Conhecimento à Mobilização

"ED-Comunicar - do Conhecimento à Mobilização" (ED-Communicate - from Knowledge to Mobilization) is a project that arises from the need for ...

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PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata

The “PAB_LivingLab – Vive a descarbonização no Parque Adão Barata” (PAB_LivingLab - Live the Decarbonization in Parque Adão Barata) is ...

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Beyond COVID-19: The new era of Teaching. Digital learning for social inclusion

"Beyond COVID-19" is a European project, funded by Erasmus+, which aims to contribute to innovating professional practices and promoting skills ...

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NEAR – NEwly ARrived in a common home

NEAR is a two-year European project, funded by the European Commission under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), which ...

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Conectando Mundus – Crise Climática

"Conectando Mundus" (Connecting Worlds) is an educational proposal implemented through an interactive multilingual platform with 8 languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, ...

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Porto Santo Sem Lixo Marinho

"Porto Santo Sem Lixo Marinho" (Porto Santo Without Marine Waste) intends to establish the base for a memorandum of understanding ...

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Jovens na Política – Participar para a Cidadania Global (2nd Edition)

The 2nd Edition of the "Jovens na Política" (Youth in Politics”) project aims to contribute to human rights and sustainable ...

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Da Escola para o Mundo

"Da Escola para o Mundo - Agir, Atua, Transformar" (From School to the World - Act, Include, Transform) is a Citizenship ...

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Movimento da Formiga

Formiga Juju is a movement founded in Mozambique in 2012 by the creative authors of the books. The aim is ...

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Walk the Global Walk

O "Walk the Global Walk" mobilizes young people to be catalysts for change in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ...

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