The promotion of literacy mainly involves projects developed in Mozambique with initiatives such as the creation of school libraries, activities for reading animation and training of technicians and teachers.


We promote education for development and global citizenship that aims to sensitize children and young people to world inequalities, encouraging them to participate in the public debate and  contributing to their development.

Escola Comunitária para a Empregabilidade e o Voluntariado

The project "Escola Comunitária para a Empregabilidade e o Voluntariado" (Community School for Employability and Volunteering) aims to contribute to ...

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Dialogar e Agir por + Igualdade in R.A.M.

The project aims to contribute to the fight against Poverty and Domestic Violence in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (R.A.M.). ...

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(e)mission (im)possible

The "(e)mission (im)possible" is a European project, co-funded by the European Union's Erasmus + programme, which aims to develop an ...

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Kula Na Wu Djonza (Crescer a Ler)

In "Kula Na Wu Djonza - Crescer a Ler" (Kula Na Wu Djonza – Growing Up Reading), we promote reading ...

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ADHC Support Activities

AIDGLOBAL supports the Associação do Desenvolvimento Humano e Comunitário (Association of Human and Community Development) (ADHC) in the district of ...

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Animação da Leitura

The "Animação da leitura" "Reading Animation", now in its 6th edition, is a complementary project to the "Rede de Bibliotecas ...

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We provide Pedagogical Resources for teachers and educators.

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Da Escola para o Mundo

"Da Escola para o Mundo - Agir, Atua, Transformar" (From School to the World - Act, Include, Transform) was a ...

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Porto Santo Sem Lixo Marinho

"Porto Santo Sem Lixo Marinho" (Porto Santo Without Marine Waste) intended to establish the base for a memorandum of understanding ...

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Conectando Mundus – Crise Climática

"Conectando Mundus" (Connecting Worlds) was an educational proposal implemented through an interactive multilingual platform with 8 languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, ...

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