Parental Education Sessions in Mozambique for a conscious Childhood Education

Parental Education Sessions in Mozambique for a conscious Childhood Education

Parental Education Sessions in Mozambique for a conscious Childhood Education

Since 2018, AIDGLOBAL has been promoting Parental Education in Mozambique under the project “Educadores em Movimento – uma Educação Itinerante para a Primeira Infância”. It has a total of 150 sessions distributed among the communities, where it participates, namely in the 25 de Junho neighborhood, Chaimite, Chiconelane, Maivene and Malehice, located in the district of Chibuto, province of Gaza.

These initiatives aim to empower and expand the knowledge and educational skills of mothers, fathers and educators, thus safeguarding the full development of children, their rights and their place in society.

In the most recent session of Parental Education, promoted by the Early Childhood Educator Ledieta Vasco Bombe and the Educators in Motion, Ermelinda Macuacua, Luísa and Leonor Tsambe, in the community of Chiconelane, on September 22, the role of mothers and fathers as caregivers in the family context and the basic care to be taken for the well-being and integral development of children were addressed.

This activity was attended by 18 mothers/fathers and also by 1 member of the Community Management Council, more specifically, the treasurer, who reminded all and all those present that they should pay the tuition and school gowns of their children.

The difficulty in sensitizing mothers/fathers and those in charge of rural education to share in the expenses inherent to the attendance of their daughters and children in school (pre-school education) has also shown that there is still a devaluation of the child and the importance of education. Hence, it is necessary to continue to invest in advocacy issues with families and the community in general, prioritizing the protection of the child and the guarantee of their rights.

Experiences and opinions were also shared in the various formative moments, creating a nuanced atmosphere of diverse stories that complement each other in their similarities and, above all, in their differences.

The Parental Education sessions developed by AIDGLOBAL have contributed to minimize the high female illiteracy and insufficient initiatives to promote Health and Citizenship aimed at preschool children.

It is fundamental to highlight that in Mozambique, only 4% of children attend pre-school education, in general a minority that has the economic capacity to access private schools, usually located in urban areas. As a result, for lack of opportunities and commitment, most children have their mental, linguistic and social development compromised. UNICEF.

 “Educadores em Movimento – Uma Educação Itinerante para a Primeira Infância” (EeM) (Educators in Motion – An Itinerant Education for Early Childhood) has the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation as main sponsor, Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language I.P. as co-financier, as promoter AIDGLOBAL, Project Manager; as co-promoter the Chibuto Vocational and Residential Center (CVRC) and as partners the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria) (IPL), its scientific-pedagogical coordinator, the Center for International Studies of the University Institute of Lisbon (CEI-Iscte) – coordinator of the anthropological component by District Service for Youth, Education and Technology of Chibuto (SDJET) and District Service for Health, Women and Social Action (SDSMAS) – entities that guarantee the articulation of the project with public policies.