About Us


Act, Include and Develop through Education, promoting a Global Citizenship and change for a sustainable world.


Improve Literacy, Education and Inclusion levels, essential for a Citizenship that is intended to be global and promoter of a more just, equitable and sustainable world.



A  AIDGLOBAL – Acção e Integração para o Desenvolvimento Global (Action and Integration for Global Development) – is a Portuguese Non-Governmental Organization for Development that works in Portugal and Mozambique. It was created to promote literacy, education for development and citizenship.

AIDGLOBAL’s story begun on the 4th of November, 2005, after the founder Susana Damasceno had a rewarding volunteering experience in Gaza Province, Mozambique. On 24th of February 2006, AIDGLOBAL was recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO) by the Portuguese Government and registered by Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P. It was also accredited by the Mozambican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in 2009, and considered as a Youth Association equivalent by RENAJ – Registo Nacional do Associativismo Jovem.

Our Team

Susana Damasceno

Director of the Board / Executive Director

Cristina Tapadinhas

Vice-president of the Board

Elisabete Alverca

Treasurer of the Board

Isabel Antunes

Secretary of the Board

Nuno Sampaio

Member of the Board

Sofia Lopes

Projects Manager

Francisca Santos

Communication, Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

Filipa Moreira

Administrative and Financial Assistant

Cátia Sousa

Projects Technique

Mônica Barroso

Projects Technique

Isabel Fernandes

Projects Technique

Maria Antonieta Pires

Communication and Project Advisor

Beatriz Matias

Projects Assistant

Marilena Martucci

Communication Assistant

Castigo Tchume

Manager of the Delegation in Mozambique

Ana Pinto

Projects Technique

Suante Adolfo Miguel

Administrative Assistant

Ledieta Bombe

Kinderqarden Teacher

Minércia Massuco

Community Educator

Vitória Nhamússua

Cleaning Assistant

Domingos Mathe

Security Guard and Gardener




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