Elisabete Alverca

Treasurer of the Board

Elisabete Alverca

I have witnessed the birth of AIDGLOBAL since it was founded by Susana Damasceno, my childhood friend. I have followed the birth of her dream from the small steps of this NGDO until today.

During these years, I only have occasionally helped. However, we must always volunteer in our lives. So, I am very happy that the President Susana Damasceno invited me to take part to this new challenge. I am grateful to be able to contribute to this project, help others and grow with this experience.

I hope to be able to continuously contribute, while helping in the mission of AIDGLOBAL: Act, Include and Develop through Education for a more fair, egalitarian and sustainable world.

As hobbies, I love travelling, my cat and animals more in general.

I also like being and socializing with my friends, preferably with a good wine and meal.

In the last 2 years, I spent much time in Nature and in a small project in the countryside that fills my heart with Happiness!