Cristina Tapadinhas

Vice-president of the Board

Cristina Tapadinhas

I arrived at AIDGLOBAL through the hand of Sister Catarina, a Victorian Sister with a big heart, who is largely responsible for the establishment of the NGO in Mozambique, specifically in Chibuto, where today we have a delegation.

I am Vice-President of AIDGLOBAL and it has been fantastic to witness the growth of the NGDO and to see the growing importance that its projects have in people’s lives every day. I carry boxes full of books from the first moment and I am very proud to see them arriving at their destination: the libraries that AIDGLOBAL creates and equips in Mozambique.

The work developed by me at this organization reinforces what I feel about the civic performance of each one: everyone can make a difference and I do mine at AIDGLOBAL.

In my spare time I like to read, laugh with friends and family and eat cashews.