Isabel Antunes

Secretary of the Board

Isabel Antunes

Work with people, by people, for people. To be there for them.

This is one of the main mottos of my life.

I have been a teacher, but most of my professional life has been spent leading schools attended by children and young people from very disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds. With them I grew as a professional, but above all as a human being. For them, by them, and with them I dreamed and developed projects that would help them evolve and potentiate their selves in a harmonious and healthy way.

AIDGLOBAL’s mission fits perfectly within this spirit, and so I joined this organization right away. One of its first projects “Educate to Cooperate” was worked on with young people from the last school I attended.

Today, already retired several years ago, I accepted the challenge of belonging to the board of AIDGLOBAL so that once again I can grow and help it grow.