Marilena Martucci

Communication Assistant

Marilena Martucci

When I finished my studies, i had two big wishes: to return to Lisbon, where I did my second Erasmus, and to collaborate with an NGO. I could never imagine that these aspirations could be translated into a single word: AIDGLOBAL.

My journey in AIDGLOBAL started in January 2022 through a volunteering program called Servizio Civile, which gave me the opportunity to continue for another period in Lisbon and live an enriching experience in a Portuguese NGDO.

Since I joined the Organization, I feel like that i am changing day by day, I have learned a lot of things and improved my skills, which has contributed to my personal and professional growth. The challenges have been many, and they continue to arise, but I feel proud to have taken this path.

In my free time, I like to go out with my friends in Lisbon and continue to speak Portuguese, English, Italian, read, travel and discover new places (and food), and practice hip-hop classes, an old passion (re)discovered in Lisbon!