Toast to everyone who protects the Oceans

Toast to everyone who protects the Oceans

Toast to everyone who protects the Oceans

On April 08, the event “A Toast to the Sea” was held at the Porto Santo Sailing Club. The initiative, aimed to fishermen and marine-tourism operators, intended to raise awareness about the environmental impact of marine waste.

Marine life is the first to feel the impacts of human actions on the oceans. The effective protection of the oceans is fundamental for the marine biodiversity to be able to protect itself and recover from the impacts caused over decades.

The main benefits of this type of awareness-raising action includes the reduction of marine litter and associated negative environmental impacts.

In a first moment, the attendants were invited to visit an exhibition about marine species, promoted by the Municipality of Porto Santo, with photographs by Fábio Brito, Luís Berimbau e Alcides Correia.

In a second moment, the “Porto Santo Sem Lixo Marinho” project and the problem of plastic in the Oceans were made known, through videos, fishermen and marine-tourism operators testimonies, and a quiz.

The involvement of the Center of Activities and Training for Inclusion (CACI) in the event is noteworthy, in particular the delivery of drawings with messages about the environment.

The event ended with a toast to the sea and to all of those who make a difference in the preservation of the Oceans.

A special thanks to Porto Santo Náutica, Porto Santo Sailing Club and CACI.

The “Porto Santo Sem Lixo Marinho” (Porto Santo Without Marine Waste) project is co-financed by the Environment Program of the EEA Grants and promoted by Associação Natureza Portugal, in partnership with WWF PortugalAIDGLOBALARM – Água e Resíduos da Madeira, S.A., the Municipality of Porto Santo and the MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre in Madeira, hosted by ARDITI. It also has the support of WWF Norway and the Secretariat for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change of the Regional Government of Madeira.