Volunteering and solidarity at the Basic and Secondary School of Porto Santo

Volunteering and solidarity at the Basic and Secondary School of Porto Santo

Volunteering and solidarity at the Basic and Secondary School of Porto Santo

Presentation of projects to the representatives of those in charge of education.

The meeting on “Participation of family members in school life – volunteering” took place on December 11, 2020, at the Basic and Secondary School Prof. Dr. Francisco Freitas Branco, Porto Santo, and was addressed to the representatives of the people in charge of education of all classes of the school.

Professor Maria José Vital, the Vice-President of the school, welcomed this II meeting “Parents with Tea” and explained her objective: to present the various projects of the school and the educational community that can count on the desirable collaboration of students’ families.

Susana Freitas, President of the Association of Parents and Guardians of E. B+S Porto Santo, explained the purpose of the Association and the initiatives carried out, reinforcing the importance of the participation of E.E. in this collective.

Francisco Abreu, a teacher at the school, reported on the work still in progress in favor of the revitalization of a school space to create a pedagogical farm and vegetable garden. The initiative is supported by various elements of the educational community and creates synergies with the Association of Producers on the Island of Porto Santo. All those who want to participate voluntarily on Saturday or collaborate by donating tools, seeds, etc. are welcome.

Professor Artur Pereira made popular the Fábrica Colombo which is an initiative that mobilizes volunteers – teachers, non-teaching staff, students and the community in general. Especially on Saturday mornings to carry out traditional games and to create instruments (swords, bows, arrows etc.) that are characteristic of the XV and XVI centuries and are used in several events, particularly in the Festival of Colombo that usually takes place in September in Porto Santo.

Another initiative linked to the Expansion era is Oficina 1418, which recreates traditional costumes that are used during moments such as the Fifteenth Supper and the Columbus Festival. Anyone can participate, donating artifacts from popular marches alluding to the theme or fabrics. Isabel Estrela is one of the coordinators of this activity. The teacher also promotes another project related to sewing, entitled “Educating to Cooperate – Wear a Smile”. This was created by a group of friends (teachers) who like to sew and who learned about the NGO Dress a Girl Around The World whose mission is to make dresses and shorts to donate to children in poverty in developing countries, giving them dignity, protection and hope. In 2020, awareness raising actions were carried out on volunteering for cooperation with students in the eighth and ninth years. Solidary sewing meetings are held where anyone who wants can participate.

In the end, there were several contributions from those present at the meeting about the school itself and how it can better respond to the needs of the children and young people who attend it.

The meeting was promoted by the school in partnership with NGO AIDGLOBAL within the scope of its Education for Citizenship Action Plan “From School to the World – Act, Include, Transform” and had the support of the Parents Association.