Reading Animation Workshop in Mozambique

Reading Animation Workshop in Mozambique

Reading Animation Workshop in Mozambique

AIDGLOBAL carries out this activity at the invitation of G.A.S. Porto 

On the 1st of June, AIDGOBAL carried out a training workshop at the Mozambican delegation of the Porto Social Action Group (G.A.S. Porto). Professionals from this Portuguese N.G.O., which has worked in Vila da Macia, took part in this training initiative. 

G.A.S. Porto invited the Organization to carry out this workshop within the “Growing holding hands” project framework. In collaboration with its Children Education and Development Center “KuKula”, among other activities, it is responsible for verifying and following the daily academic path of orphan children and/or in a condition of vulnerability, representing a supplement to their school education. 

G.A.S. Porto chose AIDGLOBAL after learning about the work it carries out on behalf of promoting literacy. The set-up and supply of libraries in the Gaza District, the training of librarians and teachers for reading workshops in both Portuguese and Changana (the local language) to benefit pregnant teenagers and new mothers at the Chibuto Rural Hospital and the Local Health Center. 

During this workshop, the focus was on different ways of exploring and telling a story using creativity with resources such as Powerpoint presentations, open-ended work-based narratives, and image cards. These tools were put into practice with the participants. At the workshop, mothers and child caretakers take part in the activities and tasks every day at the Nutritional Rehabilitation Center, which aids malnourished and vulnerable children within the “Pfuka U Famba” project means “Get up and Walk”. The traditional Mozambican story “The traps of the forest” was recited to the children in Portuguese, by Ana Domingues, an intern at AIDGLOBAL, as part of the INOV Contacto program, and, in the Changana language, by Castigo Tchume, manager of the Mozambican delegation of the Organization. Afterwards, the story was explored according to the reading animation techniques discussed earlier. 

 The participants appreciated the workshop, carried out by AIDGLOBAL, known for expressing their desire to participate in more sessions. 

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