The IRS consignment allows 0.5% of the paid taxes to be allocated to a Private Social Solidarity Institution, which goes to the state, if NOT DIRECTED. This operation has no costs and receives no less refund. [Note that it is not 0.5% of the amount to be returned to you!]

NB! If you indicate this wish, the 5% will be delivered to AIDGLOBAL.



507 501 063

Tax File Number | MODEL 3 | Table 11

When to do it?

In 2024 IRS consignment can be made until 31st March or during the IRS filing period, between 1st April and 30th of June.

How to do it?

Make your tax consignment now, as you do not need to wait for the day when you must deliver/validate your Income Statement (between April 1st and June 30th).

Just confirm your choice when the IRS delivery/validation date arrives.

Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Finance Portal, here;
  2. Log in to Authenticate;
  3. Select “all services” (the last one in the left column);
  4. Look for the item Relevant personal data(appears in alphabetical order);
  5. Choose the optioncommunicate Entities to Consign IRS/IVA;
  6. Enter your Tax File Number and “password“;
  7. Validate by clicking Authenticate;
  8. In the table that appears:
    1.  Enter the Tax File Number of AIDGLOBAL – 507 501 063;
    2. Or click on the magnifying glass and select AIDGLOBAL (appears in alphabetical order);
    3. or write AIDGLOBAL in “filter by”;
  9. Check that the name of our Organization has been inserted and that the Tax File Number is correct;
  10. Click onGet proof;
  11. Keep a copy by recording in “save as” and/or “print”.  

Tradicinonal Model 3

If you prefer to donate only when delivering/validating the traditional Annual Income Statement (model 3), the consignment is made in Table 11 of the “Face” sheet by placing a cross in the 2nd option “Private social solidarity institutions or public utility companies” and another in the IRS square. If it is covered by the Automatic IRS, the consignment is made in the “Pre-Settlement” area. AIDGLOBAL thanks you for your solidarity. This campaign is essential to allow the continuity of our organization’s actions in favor of quality education in Portugal and Mozambique.
A AIDGLOBAL. Thanks for your donation. This gesture is essential for us to coninue working towards Quality Education in Portugal and Mozambique.