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AIDGLOBAL CAUGHT A RIDE WITH FORMIGA JUJU – Ants and Elephants invade Maputo

AIDGLOBAL joined once more Formiga Juju in the city of Maputo to make known one more of its adventures in which love is law, having been present at the launch of the story called “A Formiga Juju e o Rio dos Elefantes”.

On November 25, 2020, AIDGLOBAL was present at the BCI Auditorium in Maputo to celebrate yet another act of love for the neighbour of Formiga Juju which this time tells us the story of the forest that feels mistreated and the Rio dos Elefantes that have almost no water. It is a short story that aims to raise the awareness of its readers to the conservation and preservation of nature.

This new chapter of Formiguinha, which we already know so well, is the result of the creative team made up of the author Cristiana Pereira, the illustrator Walter Zand and the designer Mia Temporário.

And why is AIDGLOBAL part of the movement Formiga Juju? Within the scope of a project financed by UNESCO in Mozambique in 2010, our organization pioneered the creation of the concept and model of Bibliotchova – a mobile library based on a Mozambican Tchova and aimed at schools that do not have physical space to accommodate a library. A year later, we gave a ride to Formiga Juju and in 2013, through the hands of Cristiana's team, Tchova da Juju was born, who traveled to Portugal, where he delighted kids and adults!

Since then we have taken Formiga Juju to various municipal schools and libraries, developing educational activities that promote the values of solidarity, diversity, creativity, unity, inclusion, participation, defense of the environment and citizenship.

After all these years, it is with joy that AIDGLOBAL joins again this family of promoters of literacy, to support another chapter of this day, whose public presentation will take place on November 28, at the Fundação Fernando Leito Couto in Maputo.

Get in touch with us to know the adventures of Formiga Juju, through one of the several books already published, or if you are part of a school or library and are interested in a session with educational activities.