In 2016, AIDGLOBAL, Formiga Juju, Portugal,

Formiga Juju in Alentejo

AIDGLOBAL takes the Formiga Juju to Palavras Andarilhas, in Beja

The Ant Juju will be present at the XIV Edition of Palavras Andarilhas, that takes place from August 25th to 28th, where he will promote the tales “A Formiga Juju na Cidade das Papaias” and “A Formiga Juju e o Sapo Karibu”. On 26 August, the President of the Board of Directors of AIDGLOBAL, Susana Damasceno, will assume the role of the always cheerful Ant Juju and will coordinate the activities.

In addition to the interactive reading of the stories, participants will have the opportunity to paint illustrations of the various characters in the stories, and may also purchase copies of the Formiga Juju publications. The main goals of the activity are to foster creativity through art and to bring Portuguese children closer to Mozambican culture, as well as to promote Global Citizenship values such as solidarity, diversity, creativity, unity, inclusion, participation and protection of the environment.

Palavras Andarilhas is a meeting that takes place every two years in Beja – the city of Stories – and is promoted by the municipality’s Town Hall, through the Municipal Library of Beja José Saramago and the Association for the Defence of the Heritage of the Beja Region. Being particularly addressed to librarians, library technicians, socio-cultural animators, narrators, illustrators, educators, parents and children, this event aims at promoting reading, oral narration and literature, thus meeting the AIDGLOBAL mission.

The Formiga Juju will also be the protagonist of three reading animation sessions for children aged between 3 and 6 years old, on August 19, at Kindergarten “Lápis de Cor”, in Vila Nova de Milfontes.